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anthro bases galore!!
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toffee - sup

hey im furtrash

currently in college so will be inactive on/off for various reasons haha


Can I use these bases?

YES. YES YOU CAN. THEYRE F2U. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. just credit me friends! ovo

Can I edit your bases?

yep! as long as you still credit me, im all good for you to do whatever with em!

What if I can't post a link of my char to you?

thats all good friend! as long as im credited ovo

Can I make profit with these bases?

only if we split said profits!

Base rules ->

You can edit/use to your hearts content, but please be sure to notify/credit me when you do.

ALSO; no using my bases to sell designs/adoptables/ect, my bases are simply for others to use to get their ideas down, not to make profit.

Free adoptables/trades are fine by me - just absolutely NO making profit off my work that i give you guys for free. It's not fair you get to make money off of my hard work.

Profit splits are fine by me, as long as you ask first.

ref for my sona Toffee~

Mascarpone Toffee Ref

Which four bases do you guys want done next? Voting ends this Sunday!

699 votes
Insects - Scorpion, Solitary Wasp, Cicada, Japanese Beetle
Primates - Orangutan, Macaque, Chimpanzee, Tamarin
Mustelids - Stoat, Wolverine, Striped Polecat, Ferret
Amphibians - Salamander, Green Tree Frog, Toad, Newt
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hiiii everyone sorry for no mustelid bases yet school has been a bIt hArD since finals are coming up fast but /soon/ i promise, /soon/ the bases will be here TAT
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alright i am finally!!! healthy again!!! a week of under the weather was NOT fun, however, with my newfound health I can get the bases up tomorrow night after classes 8D
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Because we all missing you!

The Zhou Siblings

I just used one of your bases.

Could you potentially make a camel base? I can't find ANYONE who made one.

I was just gonna ask that! We don’t see enough camel characters.

Man... Would love to see an ankylosaurus done in your style! And well... It is wishful thinking but, I fantasize some of my original species done in your base style. And I also hope you have been doing well and all these days. Even if you don't make anymore bases, it's really awesome it's been done.

i love how you draw sm! im living for your style!

yoo ur bases are amazing! the httyd ones are so cool!!!