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anthro bases galore!!
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Toffee In Uniform

hey im furtrash

currently serving in the military so will be inactive on/off for various reasons haha


Can I use these bases?

YES. YES YOU CAN. THEYRE F2U. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. just credit me friends! ovo

Can I edit your bases?

yep! as long as you still credit me, im all good for you to do whatever with em!

What if I can't post a link of my char to you?

thats all good friend! as long as im credited ovo

Can I mak profit with these bases?

only if we split said profits!

Base rules ->

You can edit/use to your hearts content, but please be sure to notify/credit me when you do.

ALSO; no using my bases to sell designs/adoptables/ect, my bases are simply for others to use to get their ideas down, not to make profit.

Free adoptables/trades are fine by me - just absolutely NO making profit off my work that i give you guys for free. It's not fair you get to make money off of my hard work.

Profit splits are fine by me, as long as you ask first.

ref for my sona Toffee~…

Which four bases do you guys want done next? Voting en...

  |  730 votes
  • Radiant Rodents - European Otter - Rat - Lop Eared Rabbit - Beaver
  • Radical Reptiles --> Veiled Chameleon - Basilisk - Alligator Snapping Turtle - Green Iguana
  • Egregious Extincts --> Carnotaurus - Parasaurolophus - Stygimoloch - Acrocanthosaurus
  • Boastful Bovines --> Texas Longhorn - Moose - Caribou - Yak
aaaand it looks like the rodents have... holy shite finally won after two years of running in the polls XD expect some bases in a few hours haha 8D
have some doodles i just did of toffee my precious cat child also wow i am genuinely shocked the radical rodents are winning will i finally be able to do the rat base of my dreams lmao

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LavenderineHobbyist General Artist

DAs weird about posting comments so here's all the ocs ive used (or will use) your bases for

arguablyhumanNew Deviant

hey, i used your bear base to rough out my fursona. thanks much

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Your bases are like AMAZING! I don’t know what I would do without them they help me get my character ideas down! Again your bases are great!

PuffIsMarshmallowBoiHobbyist Digital Artist


ChcaraHobbyist General Artist

:C please come back

GR33NSPARR0WNew Deviant

howdy, my old accounts were PH0B0PH1L1A and dulargervi, and i asked about this those old accounts, but just to follow your rules i figured i should ask again with this one - can i use your bases for adopts? i'll split the profits and follow your rules! love your art so much, keep up the amazing stuff <3

Whovian-101Student General Artist

Hey I love your bases! I was wondering is you could make Wings of Fire ones at some point? I think the community would really benefit from it!