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I go through spurts of drawing, plushie making, and painting, so this could either show a mixture of mediums or only one preference at any given moment.

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Inktober begins in less than three hours. 
Get ready for two months of chibi overload.
I know it's not a huge deal, but I just hit 50 000 pageviews and I'm very excited about it. :D Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far!
Okie-dokie, then, proper status!
The other day, June 22nd, was my 10 year anniversary on DeviantART. I've been actively using the site the whole time, not taking a few years off (though I'd of course never grudge anyone for that), and as such it's been a pretty big part of my life during this time. 
This site has helped me improve as an artist, both as a creator and as an appreciator. The tutorials and just works of other artists have taught me so much more than I would have learned trying to go it alone, and while I feel like I should be farther along by now, I certainly recognize that I've made some major progress. Not only for art, either: I've made some fantastic friends on this site that I've been talking to for the better part of a decade now, and they've also helped me mature as a person. I was 14 when I started, which meant I had a lot of growing up to do - and still do. 
As for the more technical aspects, over the past ten years I've accumulated roughly 45 500 pageviews (12 per day, though for the past year it's been closer to 30/day), 272 watchers (73 of which are from this year alone - and I appreciate every single one of you! <3), 860 llamas, and thousands of favourites that I use as inspiration and reference - all of them pieces of art I likely never would have seen without the site. 
So thank you, everyone, for hanging around no matter how long you've been with me on this journey, whether you started watching last month or ten full years ago. I sincerely hope that the site is around for another 10 years so I can see how much more we improve together. :D
(And that is the most sentiment I'll be able to produce for the next three months.)
I've officially been on DeviantART (actively using it, even) for ten years. Wanted to put a long heart-felt message but my alarm died in my sleep so I only have ten minutes to get to work BYE
So six months ago I asked you guys if I should choose Prismacolor or Copic, and I went with Prismacolor.
Michaels just vetoed that decision.
50 markers later, it's no longer carrying Prismacolor markers (in my city).
Hello everyone! Happy winter to you all from Canada!
Long post looking for art advice:
(MAIN PURPOSE: PRISMACOLOR vs COPIC vs super-cheap TOUCHFIVE (not TouchLiit or Shinhan's Touch)
If anyone here works with markers/knows art markers, I'm in a bit of a conundrum.
The last three (THREEEEEEEEE) art marker brands I've used have either been discontinued or are no longer available in the city (or, if they're available, I have to buy them in large expensive sets instead of being able to replace individual colours, which is how I roll). This is getting...tedious. But! It means that I do have to move on to a different brand of marker now.
I've been looking at reviews for a lot of different marker brands, and I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet and move on to either Prismacolour or Copic, both of which cost roughly a firstborn child (or arm and leg, if the firstborn is already promised away). Also, they've been established long enough in stores in the city that (knock on wood) they shouldn't stop selling them as soon as I get attached.

My concerns:

-I've never worked with them. I'm moving on from Letraset/Winsor&Newton Promarkers, which I love, and from Shinhan Touch markers, which were also fabulous, but while those are both great brands they're not the SAME brand.

-Price. Hoooooooooooo boy. If I'm just slowly replacing colours that are drying out in my Promarkers (which is my plan) it shouldn't be too terrible in the long run, but that IS a lot of money per marker.

-I've only worked with alcohol based markers for a little over a year. Am I really at the stage where I can advance into the professional ones, or should I move to the super cheap TouchFive ones online (very mixed reviews, 80 markers for $40) for a little while to get better first?

-Prismacolor vs. Copic. I'm leaning towards Prismacolor myself because you can pick them out without having to lasso a worker, giving me lots of time to browse, but I also want feedback from others who have used them.

-I'm okay with either bullet or brush tips as I have used both (though Prismacolour has one that has one end bullet end one brush end and no chisel tip, which is my ultimate dream marker; I just don't know if they have that specific style at Michaels).

-I've used Artist Loft double-end alcohol based markers with the brush tips, which are available at Michaels individually for a lower price, but I find that the brush end frays horribly almost immediately and I can't use it because of that, so it makes me hesitant to move onto other cheap markers (such as the TouchFive or similar brands).

-Copic has more colour variety and are refillable while Prismacolor (as far as I've read) are non-refillable but, while offering less variety, still has over 200 colours, while I've been working with roughly 60 colours and therefore both brands would be a huge jump selection-wise.

-Prismacolor offers thinner pens (less variety) while Copic offers interchangable nibs, essentially doing the same thing.

-I have a marker pad to work with so bleeding isn't much of an issue (but if you've worked with either brand on marker paper and have pointers I reeeeeally want to hear them)

-Whichever I choose I'll be picking 5-10 colours and doing a test piece with them, but it's going to be -20 (maximum) every day for the next week, so I have a little time to decide. I just want to know which one I'm going with before I walk to the store and become a Sturgecicle.

-Reviews for both have included both pros and cons, which is awesome (I find it hard to trust reviews that don't contain both), but I find that both of them seem like they'd fit well.

-TL;DR: I'm leaning towards Prismacolor but if anyone has reasons for or against it or Copic I would really appreciate hearing them.


So basically I spent most of yesterday stressing about this and wondering what I should go with. Please help. :(
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