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Doctor Bird-Style3

Egyptian style Doctor Bird.
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Looks stunning.
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Wow super clean, love it !!! :happybounce: 
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what program do you use to make these logos?
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I design logos on Illustrator.
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I really like this! I love the separation of each feather and part of the body. Crisp lines, and not an obnoxious colour.

My only comment would be the two long... things trailing from its body. From the thumbnail, I thought it was meant to show flight. However, they're connected, so now I'm not sure what they are. It certainly helps to make it more unique, but, personally, I would get rid of them. Nice work overall, though!
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Thanks for the comment. This is a doctor bird which has 2 long tails apart from the feathers. The long tail distinguishes it form the Humming Bird.
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Ohh! I get it now. c:
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If I am not mistaken this is the bird of Jamaica, right? I have Jamaican friends and this rings a bell. Anywho it's simplicity brings along a complex meaning that may be unintentional. I see the regal pose to show power and strength and more importantly stability, I see the open wings to show freedom and open-heartedness. It shows a forgiving bird and a strong one who is regal and free! To further note, the colour green brings a natural feel to the bird, it's not so green as such to ruin it but desaturated to show although it is regal, it is not overpowering, it is a tamed pride and a tamed power, and that is how I imagine Jamaica and I see this as a great representation of that.

The crisp style to the limiting of a single colour to give a minimalistic power. "There is not much to be said, here I am and here I stand" is what it says to me, although this is only my interpretation and this may all be accidental, it is worth noting.

I am in love with this piece so I must end this kindly. Have a marvelous day/afternoon/night. With the humblest and kindest of regards:
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You've explained it better than me :) Thanks for visiting my work and for the supportive comment!
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nice, clean work
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Hmm, the third (long) pair of tail feathers could be just the two long feathers... eh... I mean, without these two "tails" going out of the "base" pair of feathers.

Horrible English comin' rite up.
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I understand your idea but this is a doctor bird which has 2 long tails apart from the feathers. Thanks for the suggestion! Appreciate your support!
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Ah, but then, don't you think that this last pair of feathers could be transformed just into the tails? These just sticking out of the feathers look a bit off to me.
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Good job as always!
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Nice and clean logo.
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