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How did I come to this HP? I watched Sailor Moon in the past
and i loved it. Then, I began to create my own charactere and
draw them. In the beginning, they had the typical Sailos shroud,
but now it's different and the costume is without it. I played a
Sailor Moon Forum in an RPG with my characteres Sam, Emily and
Leyla and formed them. Now they have a soul if I could say that so.
*gg* I'm not in that Forum any more and I didn't want them to die
out so I played them in an group RPG in my old forum. But than
I had that idea, because of the many new character wich playes in
the RPG to create a own Anime Series with them. Ok, it's not a
real Animeseries. But with our hardworking grafical artists
(me too) wich liven the charactes up. The story hadn't very much
to with the stuff i worked until then with, so a new story had to
be thinkin of. This Story will be played in a role playing game. I
f you want to kno who play who and how a figure is, then come into
the forum and read it for yourself.


~Lady Sam~

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