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Thoughts on the Rise of Skywalker by Sam-Nary, literature

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Thoughts on the Rise of Skywalker by Sam-Nary, literature

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Favourite Visual Artist
John Romata Sr. and John Romata Jr... (best pencils for Spider-Man... EVER!)
Favourite Movies
Star Wars (all 6 movies), Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, Star Trek: First Contact, and Star Trek: Nemisis
Favourite TV Shows
Gargoyles (Disney Cartoon), Beast Wars. Battlefield (documentary series), Victory at Sea (documentary series), Band of Brothers, and Star Trek: The Next Generation
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and ACDC (Classic Rock), John Williams (movie soundtracks), the Marine Corps Band (military/patriotic music)
Favourite Books
Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, The Lycanthrope Club by Tristan Eifler, In the Hands of Providence: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the American Civil War by Alice Rains Trulock
Favourite Writers
Michael and Jeff Shaara
Favourite Games
Baseball and Football (Go White Sox! Go Cowboys!)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Computers and a word processing program, paper and pencil, a good library
Other Interests
History, Politics, Science Fiction (particularly Star Wars and Star Trek)
A lot of people have been voicing their comments on the new site layout and how it works... or rather how much they hate it... But I didn't want to get into anything too quickly and get some time to actually see how some things work before doing anything similar. And while I haven't gotten far enough through my story rotations to be ready to add the next chapter of "Full Moon" or "the Order of the Hunter," I have gotten a bit more familiar with other things with the new lay out... Thus I feel confident in giving my two cents on the system... While I'd generally prefer the old site's layout, I'm actually finding that Eclipse isn't quite as bad as many have made it out to be and that most of what people are complaining about has been more to their moving things around than anything else and they're just not used to the layout. In this, as much as people want to complain about it... I think people will ultimately learn how to manage it and what it does well... And please keep in mind
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It's not that it is sad that people have an opinion. That's perfectly fine. The sad thing is that some people feel their opinion is the ONLY one that matters and that if you're to comment on them... you'd better ECHO their conclusion. And that is the sad thing in all these sorts of complaints. People want to complain about "punch a Nazi" people being dumb for using hyperbole and failing to provide proof for their argument. And in that specific case, they can have a point. But the issue in their complaint isn't the attack. It's the fact that NO PROOF behind the attack is given. After all, much of the hyperbole in the "punch a Nazi" crowd can
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I've put this up on and so I figured I'd put it here as well... One my personal hobbies has been to write my own stories... both original fiction and fanfiction. And with fanfiction... it's been on a wide variety of fandoms. I loved the old "Gargoyles" cartoon that Disney made as well and nearly every incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though the more recent versions are better than the old 80s and 90s version. I've loved both Star Trek and Star Wars and just about anything Marvel Comics (though I will hold a grudge against the present editor in chief for OMD until the end of my days. And while I
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Thank you so much for all the love! 😘

You're welcome.

Welcome friend...


Thanks for all your faves, hopefully I'm keeping you semi entertained.

You're welcome...

And yes, I am entertained. Some of the dynamics between the werewolf sisters seems intriguing... though, I'd think the boyfriend might end up needing to become a werewolf if things go beyond boyfriend/girlfriend... to avoid being mauled and keeping the sisters from mauling each other.

If I was doing a more serious narrative, maybe, but since the whole thing is done on a whim and I use the poor dufus as my avatar, probably not.