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The World of Anthros Part 15 Newcomer
        I could have sworn that the tension in the room had almost doubled when my eyes made contact with those of the tiger looking guy. I could see the mix of emotions passing over his face. Surprise, shock, awe, curiosity and a handful I didn't really understand. "I.. I... What is..." It wasn't really surprising to see him so shocked. I guess I really was the only human, to everyone else I was just some alien. In almost an instant I saw a large blur get up and  a deep threatening growl was uttered, the sound was menacing and sent shivers down my spine. That deep rumbling was emanating from Furvus and I could see his body moving into a threatening stance. The way his  shirt stretched to accommodate his back muscles, the way they bunched up and  looked like someone sculpted them from stone showed me he was ready to attack.
        "Who are you?" Looking up I saw the fear completely overshadowing all t
:iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 15 55
Heated Clash
        A soft yawn drifted up from a pile of bundles up sheets. Slowly rising up Jason gave a stretch, letting his biceps and triceps flex as he stretched his arms up. Slowly he let his arms drop as he pulled off the sheets and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Looking over towards his clock he rolled his neck as he rocked forward onto his feet. Just past one in the afternoon. Jason slowly rotated his neck and shoulders, letting the joints pop audibly. With a sigh of relief he tugged off his blue Tee shirt off his chiseled torso, revealing his well-defined Six pack furred abs. Balling up the shirt he tossed it into an open clothes hamper and slowly walked across the room to his oak wood dresser. It didn't take him long to pick out a shirt as he opened the mid drawer, there was only one shirt he wore for days like today when he went to work out.
        He reached into the drawer and pull
:iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 10 11
Coming Next! - The World of Anthros by Sam-Magicman Coming Next! - The World of Anthros :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 2 20
Bonds Beyond Blood Chapter 1. Abandoned

         "We're going camping! We're going camping!" I sang out happily as I bounced around in the soft leather seat in the back of my mom's car. I looked out the window, watching the scenery pass by in a blur as the car sped down the road. The forest looked like a giant blob of blues, greens, and browns. We were moving really fast and every time we hit a bump I would bounce high up before my seatbelt pulled me back down. I heard a snort of disapproval from my mom who was easing back on the speed and the car slowed down a bit.
        "Calm down now Lavitz or I will turn this car around." I froze and immediately went still. My body stopped bouncing except for the times when we hit a bump hard and I heard the breath push out of my mom's nose. I sighed quietly to myself and I leaned my head against the back of the seat in front of me. Man I didn't
:iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 5 39
Lavitz the Knabstrupper by Sam-Magicman Lavitz the Knabstrupper :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 3 7 Jason Is Shy by Sam-Magicman Jason Is Shy :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 6 21
The World of Anthros Part 14 Do You Hate Me?
        I had to keep my head tilted down as Furvus walked, he didn't want anyone to accidentally see me. I was perfectly fine with that, I didn't want to end up as some experiment on a cold steel table simply for being human. I tilted my heads up every so often, and I could see the car get closer with each quick glance. It wasn't long before I  felt him shift my weight all into one arm and I heard the click of the door and the lurch as it opened and I was set gently inside. Once in I  reached  back with my right  arm and grasped the seat belt, puling it across my chest and clicking it safely into place. The door was shut tight and I leaned my head back, making sure I kept the hood over my face when the door to my right opened and I heard someone slide in beside me.
        Turning my head I lifted the head and saw Colt clicking his seatbelt into pl
:iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 10 60
Hair Sketches by Sam-Magicman Hair Sketches :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 0 2 Sketches by Sam-Magicman Sketches :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 2 16 Guild Wars 2 Weapon Sketches-Mesmer by Sam-Magicman Guild Wars 2 Weapon Sketches-Mesmer :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 1 10 Movie Stream **OFFLINE** by Sam-Magicman Movie Stream **OFFLINE** :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 3 43 Bara Birthday! by Sam-Magicman Bara Birthday! :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 1 4
Have A Bara Happy Birthday!

        Oh! Good afternoon, I didn't see you. Sorry, I am a bit sidetracked today. I am just feeling a bit down. Tomorrow is supposed to be my birthday and I wanted to go out for drinks with my friends, but most of them were either busy with work, or had to get up early to go to work. I guess that is the downside of being born on a Monday, but hey at least I get the day off which means I don't have to worry about getting up for work after drinking. Ah well, more drinks for me I guess, besides tomorrow I get to hang dinner with them so drink tonight isn't really necessary. Though it's not often people see me on my own. Though I guess being a muscle bear makes me stand out anyways. Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you my name... well everyone just calls me Bara-Bear or simply Bara. So with that out of the way Im gonna get going, those drinks won't polish off themselves you know.
:iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 1 6
Dan -Art Trade- by Sam-Magicman Dan -Art Trade- :iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 3 7
The Law of the Jungle Story Part 1
        (Please note the username and password for the MMO Digimon Masters is fake and was created solely for this story and is not affiliated with any real account)
         Have you ever wondered what it would be like if one of your fantasies ever came true? To wake up one day and for it to suddenly become a reality? Well I guess you could say I've lived that fantasy for most of my life. I live in a world where Humans and Digimon coexisted peacefully. It wasn't until that 15 years ago that people even found out digimon were real. It was when a group of kids had been taken into the digital world that the truth came out. These kids were called the digidestined and they protected back earth and the world of digimon from evil. After a great battle. the digimon returned to their own world and earth lived without digimon for a couple years.
        After that they surfaced again with a new group
:iconsam-magicman:Sam-Magicman 7 20


What can I do to start this critique? I guess it's to say I have been a huge fan and a friend since about the time you appeared on devi...

This is another very well done piece of art work. the detail put into this shows a lot of lot time and effort. the shading is phenomena...

This is very well done, the anatomy is perfect and flawlessly executed, you can see every curve and definition of his muscle and his po...



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