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Flash MX / PS7
Was playing Samurai Shodown today, reminded me of how awesome it really is.
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awesome work!! :o
i love samurai shodown! ><
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Hi! Your work has been featured here [link]
Do you like Samurai Shodown? You can join our new group!
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¡¡GREAT!! nice haohmaru :D
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I LOVE how you give your own style ! I did the same with Sogetsu ( though my favorite char was Basara) Ah...Samurai Shadown is a classical... : )
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Wow!! I love the lines style and "two" colors! :D
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Haohmaru is my favorite charakter... Nice job here...I would describe it as "edgy".
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your style is raaaaaaaad
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His expression is so.. sleazy. What has he been doing, to be looking like that? Very effective style on his hair though, and your shading is especially good on the tree.
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haha..nice compositon and i like the colours..or lack of it actually..haha... solid work!!
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love the tree shit. looke very professional and clean, if that makes any sense. sorry for calling it shit, couldn't help myself. i was just in the moment.
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I love haircut *ç*
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Feelin' IT!!!
There needs to be a S.S collection on the ps2 just like street fighter does :( I miss S.S..
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WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! :jawdrop:

Let me first say that I'm completely bias on Haohmaru, a character that really got me interisted into reading about Japanese history. Since I'm a very scruffy looking character, so it's something I could relate with, and at the time when Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat were eating up the arcades Samurai Showdown really did a better job then those two at depicting a Hard core violent fighting game. You drew a character close to my heart...... Kinda wish you animated the intro to SS1, becuase it kinda looks like your about to seting it up he's gonna slice up the tree.
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wow! thanks man, means alot to me.
i was actually playing SS4 (they are all good but) and its just so atmospheric and cinematic. Just Awesomeness at its most...uh...awesome. I was inspired :). one of the best fighting games (and characters) ever.
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By the way, were you able to find a working copy of SS5? it's been out for over like 8 months, I can't seem to get a copy of it to work anywhere online.
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ahh, havent tried yet....haven't done any searches for *cough*roms*cough* in ages.
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Goddamn Haohmaru is a bad ass. I love how the only color you used is red. It really gives the piece a different feeling. I also like how it looks like you went crazy while doing his hair, but it still looks like Haohmaru's hair. Damn awesome.
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excelente ilustracion....
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Megaton weird. I myself have been playing alot of SS lately. O.o And I was just considering doing fanart of Basara and Kyoshiro.
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wow, very striking.. <3
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Yes its superb samurai :)
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i love this piece, its goin in my favorites!

the use of negitive space of that red tree is so sexy! i hope to see more work!
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I totally dig...that tree is so tight. Awesome work.
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