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Geno (Sans From Aftertale) by Sam-Lim Geno (Sans From Aftertale) :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 14 8
Why Didn't You Choose Me?
They told you there was plenty of fish in the sea
Why couldn't one of them be me?
There was so many things that we could be
Tell me, do you not agree?
Why did you choose her?
Why didn't you choose me?
I asked myself in a whisper
In what way was she better than me?
Was it my mistake loving you?
Or was it your mistake not loving me?
Either way, I will show you the truth
That your heart is a lock and I am the key
I came over in the night
One hand wielding a knife
I made sure her eyes lost their light
And made that your last goodnight
I wanted to show you the sunrise
I wanted you to see the pretty birds fly
But instead this time
I made you watch her die
Why did you choose her?
Why didn't you choose me?
I asked you in a whisper
Now do you notice me?
Was it my mistake loving you?
Or was it your mistake not loving me?
Either way, I've showed you the truth
That you can only be with me
But I did not expect you to fight
One hand wielding my knife
You charged with all your might
And you avenged y
:iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 10 24
Hallelujah by Sam-Lim Hallelujah :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 26 22 My Life In A Few Sentences by Sam-Lim
Mature content
My Life In A Few Sentences :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 19 18
Irritation by Sam-Lim Irritation :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 12 16 I Made A Comic Thing by Sam-Lim I Made A Comic Thing :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 17 25 This Makes No Sense by Sam-Lim This Makes No Sense :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 15 25
Let's be here together
Forever and ever
Playing until eternity
Until we both lose our sanity
We may not be able to escape
We may not be able to leave
But no one else can hurt us
Do you understand me?
Let's play games forever
It'll just be you and me
Even though you'll always win
I'll never stop being happy
Let's sit on the bench together
Let's watch the sky change colors
Let's do something no one else can do
Let's be together forever
Let's watch the flowers bloom
Let's watch the pretty birds fly
Let's keep making memories together
Let's forget the word 'Goodbye'
Who am I kidding?
We can't do that, can we?
This is nothing but a dream
And dreams like these...never become reality
:iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 13 17
Gimme Them Marks by Sam-Lim Gimme Them Marks :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 19 13 How Can You Not Get It by Sam-Lim How Can You Not Get It :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 34 27 Perfect Camera For Dude by Sam-Lim
Mature content
Perfect Camera For Dude :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 11 7
heyyyyy by Sam-Lim heyyyyy :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 14 6 THEY ARE ALIVE by Sam-Lim THEY ARE ALIVE :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 16 10 Me Trying To Help by Sam-Lim Me Trying To Help :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 14 11 I Want Loki Back by Sam-Lim I Want Loki Back :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 19 14 No More Resurrections? by Sam-Lim No More Resurrections? :iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 34 32

Random Favourites

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Journal History


Dude: "I'm going to be productive today!"
Him: *lies on table*
Me: "'re lying?"
Him: "..."
Me: *picks up a dusty coin from the floor*
Me: "5 cents, cool!"
Dude: "It's covered in dust, must've belonged to Peter Parker."
Me: "..."
Me: h3h3Productions #triggered (chat/comment emoticon) 
Teacher: "Alexander Graham Bell once said; When one door closes, another opens."
Me: "...That sounds..."
Her: "Sam, no."
Me: "A-DOOR-able."
Me: *slams my brother between two pieces of bread*
Me: "What are you?"
Him: "An idiot-"
Me: "Samwich."
Teacher: "Rats can eat maize."
Dude: "...A-maize-ing."
Mother: "You can be whatever you want in the future, Sam."
Me: "Aw, thanks!"
Her: "As long as it's a doctor."
Before exam...
Girl: *takes out highlighter*
Her: "You are the highlight of my life."
Me: *throws my highlighter at her*
Me: "I hope you pass with flying colors!"
Me: *throws empty can*
Me: "You are what you YEET"
Me: *rubs eraser on History paper*
Teacher: "...What are you doing?"
Me: "..."
Me: "Erasing history."
If I was an assassin, Dude will be the first off my list. 

Because I'm always putting him FIRST.
*Grandma trying to teach my brother how to make bread*
Brother: "This bread tiny!!"
Grandma: "..."
Brother: "YEAST!!!"
Me: "Wanna hear a pun?"
Boy: "Don't. You won't like me when I'm angry."
Me: "..."
Me: "I never liked you from the start."
In Chemistry Class...
Teacher: "What are you doing?! You nearly dropped the zinc!!!"
Me: "Yeah, what was I zinc-ing?!"
Her: *clenches fists*
Mom: "Sam, have you taken out the trash yet?"
Me: *looks at my brother*
Me: "Not yet, Damian's still here."
Just watched Infinity War on Blu-Ray...
Aunt: "Oh my goodness! The scenery looks so beautiful!"
Me: "..."
Me: "...Unlike you."
Boy: "...I'm sad. I have depression."
Me: *takes out my briefcase full of memes*
Me: "You won't be for long!" 
Boy: "Hey, something must be wrong with my eyes, 'cause I can't take them off you."
Me: "..."
Me: "...I see."
Him: *quickly walks away*
I'm really sick right now... Big Fool Emoji-30 (Mah feelz hurtz) [V4] 


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1. What's your real name?
Samantha I'mnotgonnatellyou

2. How old are you?
17 (I am the dancing queen)

3. Your nicknames?
Sam, Sammy

4. What food do you like?
*writes a list as long as the Equator*

5. What kind of music do you like?
Anything catchy.

6. What's your favourite idol? 
Um...I don't know. Brandon Rogers?

7. What program do you use for drawing?
Paper, pens and pencils! And MS Paint. :XD:

8. Show your first art and your last art!

9. What's your main OC's name?
My OC's a secret...Eyebrow Wiggle 

10. You single or taken?

11. Why did you choose this username for DeviantArt?
'Cause it's my name, that's why.

12. What's your nationality?
I come from your imagiNATION.

13. What's your favourite song right now?
ATC-All Around The World
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Hey guys, I'm gonna be on hiatus for a few months, 'cause there's two big exams coming up, and they'll only end at December. Apparently these exams determine my future, so I need to give 100% concentration on them.  

But I'll post stuff if I think of something, don't worry! 

Til then, buh-bye!!

 Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] 


Sam-Lim's Profile Picture
Sam Lim
Artist | Professional | Literature

I am a sassy and sarcastic 17 year old girl, you can call me Sam.
Sammy works too.
I am currently jobless, and writing is not gonna bring much into my life.
And yes, I speak a lot of languages.
Even though I don't originate from those countries.
If I'm taking too long to reply, just Google what time it is in Malaysia, and you could probably guess why.
I play video games, mostly survival horror and adventure kind, or The Evil Within/Psycho Break. And I'm a huge anime fan...
Marvel and DC fan, I enjoy all their movies...XD
I'm kind of an artist...or...cartoonist, really. I am really bad at drawing.
I am also a writer, a good one, I might say.
And I make memes, or I just repost them from Tumblr.
And puns.

Language stamp: Sarcasm lvl expert by Alpanu Chinese language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy British English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy HOKKIEN language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
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