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PnF - Hi Phineas...

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Hiper big colored version of *Josabella's amazing drawing Stand Still, cuz Phinbella is love *O*

The original draw is just lovely, the shadow and the perspective...well, just click the link and see by yourselves.

Hope I haven't ruined it

The background was a little bit I added some musical notes 8D.

Background story: "They're at some big party for a friend from school, and Isabella comes a little late. While Phineas is trying to finding someone to talk to, and maybe even a place to sit, Isabella quickly walks behind him towards the dance floor, "Hi Phineas!" Phineas turns around to smile at her, then does a double take. The spot light from the dance floor is angled so perfectly on Isabella, that Phineas is in aw at the sight of her. He drops his glass. His world stands to a stand still."

Phinbella ftw.

Characters © Dan Povenmire + Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
Original artwork © *Josabella [link]
Color version © =sam-ely-ember

Original image size 3000 x 2311 px (not available for download)
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