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So I've gotten a few requests for helping people with anatomy and stuff~ ;u;
I am in no way an expert lol not even close so take everything I say with a pinch of salt
I am probablycould be wrong, and what works for me may not work for you!

I'd also like to remind everyone that there is no right or wrong body. Every body is beautiful and should be appreciated, this type however is the only one I am confident in drawing :dummy:
I've been trying to learn how to draw bigger girls but it's rlly hard for me since I use myself as reference and I'm pretty puny

  • Step #1: Now, I always like to start with the head, but that's just the way I like to do it, feel free to start however you usually do! Start with a basic circle.
  • Step #2: Draw a large plus sign over the circle with the horizontal line just barely cutting through the bottom of the circle. The jawline should be a slightly oval shape, (with a sharp chin in my style). The shape of the face/chin/jawline all depends on the person that you're drawing of course!
  • Step #3: Draw in the 'bones' of the body. These will help you position it and figure out where the arms/legs ect. will go and the angle and everything else~ Some people find this step a little difficult, so make sure to look at plenty of reference photos of bodies to get the correct lengths of the limbs (especially the forearms and femurs). You may think to draw the 'bones' straight, but this may cause the final product to look stiff or rigid, so slightly curved lines are encouraged!! It will also help give motion to the picture if done correctly. Draw small circles where the joints are to help measure everything out! 
  • Step #4: Now sketch some blocky shapes over the 'bones'. These make up the chest and hips. Where the two meet is the waist, so be sure to consider how large you want her waist to be! Remember that the ribcage gets smaller on the way down, and in an hourglass figure, the hips are as wide or wider than the shoulders!
  • Step #5: Let's face it, boobs are just sacks of meat XD They are affected by gravity, so don't fall into the trap of just drawing circles for the guidelines!! 'Teardrop' shapes are usually much more effective in giving a realistic shape. Since boobs also face outwards, I like drawing curved crosses over them to help me figure out the slope (this will also help me when drawing clothes later on). 
  • Step #6: Now is the hardest step of all! filling out the body, remember, the female body (at least in this body shape) is made up of gentle curves, so make sure to use a loose wrist and hand! Take note of the little things which will add to making the body more real: there are mounds of muscle either side of the neck (idk what they're called? like traps or something :shrug:) and they are higher than the shoulders. If her arms are fairly non-muscular, after the shoulder point, the arm curves inwards, and then more sharply outwards again at the beginning of the forearm (this is all muscle, it will be much less pronounced on skinnier bodies). The bellybutton is level with the thinnest part of the waist (or sometimes a liiiiittle lower). REMEMBER TO LOOK AT YOUR OWN BODY AS REFERENCE, OR IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE DESIRED BODY TYPE, LOOK AT PHOTO REFERENCES ONLINE~! For the time being, I'll be leaving her with lobster claws, the hand detail will come later. REMEMBER BOOBS ARE ROUND BUT NOT CIRCULAR!! ALWAYS KEEP GRAVITY IN MIND!
  • Step #7: Revise the product you have now. If you are unhappy with it, change it! Sometimes all things need are a little scaling up or down and they will look much better! Always work to get the proportions that you want. This is good to achieve the correct body type for the person you are drawing~ I have quite extremely stylised anatomy, so I made the body smaller in relation to the head. I also shrunk the forearms a bit so that the hands were resting within the top 1/3 of the thigh which is a good range to be in~
  • Step #8: Hands = pain for me, and I am very bad at drawing them, so there isn't much I can do to help you here ;n; all I can say is remember the knuckles (it's bizarre how many people forget them), remember how fingers are slightly tapered, and REFERENCES!! AS MANY AS YOU CAN!!
  • Step #9: Add the little details~ these are the things that make the person her and will make the final piece stand out and be much more interesting! Don't underestimate the power of body detail~ Example of things to add are: bumps or rolls of fat, cellulite, moles freckles, scars, birthmarks, lines, creases, jutting out bones and knobbly knees!! You may find that leaving out the collar bones (if they are not prominent on the person) makes the upper chest look too empty. If you have this problem: draw them in! Even if only lightly~ they connect to the inner shoulder, so remember to think about the shoulder/arm positioning and it will help you place the collar bones correctly!
  • Step #10: Lastly~ add in the facial features, hair, clothes and anything else you can imagine! This is my ultimate favourite step<3 ;u;

I hope you enjoyed this~ and I hope it helped even slightly I am a dummy! and sorry for my crappy explanations, lol this is my first tutorial ^^;

ChocoKittyOcs Kathi-San
Sorry if you've requested this tutorial before as well, but I can only remember these two ^^

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Sorry for the probably many grammatical/spellling errors, I am rlly tired
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OMFG, thank you so much for this!!! It really helped me so much! Is there any chance you can do a male one too?
kousubae's avatar
I love this! I've tried 100's of tutorials and always ended up with a really bad stick figure! The way you broke it down really helped! :)
bb-bee's avatar
Great tutorial, although I tend to draw hips and breasts smaller, I'm sure I can alter this a bit in my mind. Thanks so much though!
Sam-Coates's avatar
Yes~ I did this based on the body shape I'm most comfortable with drawing, but if you can still try and use it for other body types, that's great~ C: Thank you!
bb-bee's avatar
:D No problem! 
Puccho-Panda's avatar
Oh my gosh I've been looking for a good tutorial on how to draw bodies and this is just heavenly O.O
Sam-Coates's avatar
ahhhh, omg thanks so much!! ;u;
I'm glad you like it~ :la:
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woah! that's really helpful dear! amazing job *^* :heart:
Sam-Coates's avatar
ahhhh~ thanks so much! I'm glad you think so ;///;
Kumigumi's avatar
dhsdohos np :////D :heart: 
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Haha, have you noticed that Kendy's creator really-super-majorly likes this tutorial of yours? She refers it to others~!
Sam-Coates's avatar
I thought she actually said that its really hard and doesn't work at all... ;n;
lndubitably's avatar
On her, she really likes it and does a similar method, so I'm not sure :'D
Sam-Coates's avatar
did she say she liked it? I don't remember, all I saw was that she linked it X3
lndubitably's avatar
It says, "I really like this method and I use a similar method myself", according to my memory...
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omg i reference this so hard :o I did with annotte
Sam-Coates's avatar
Yay~ ;///;
I'm glad that you're finding it useful~ ;u;
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It's really, really awesome~! <3 I think it'll help me a lot >w< You should do a coloring tutorial guuuurl, just for hair maybe XDDDDD
Sam-Coates's avatar
Ahhh~ I'm getting so many requests for tutorials, I'm really surprised XDD
Thank you so much!! ;u; I hope it helps you out~ :la:
Aneko-tan's avatar
I can't say I'm surprised, I'm serious XD
Nuu, no problemo! >w<
Sam-Coates's avatar
aha X3 I wasn't expecting such a positive reaction really~
Ayamecchi1's avatar
nananana you should totally do more tuto ;w; ! On youtube too! You explained everything very detailed and it's really helpfull! Arigatou~
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