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Bio: Prince Soren Andros



A profile for Prince Soren Andros in preparation for working on Legend of Soren: Advents of Plunder.

I'm sure quite a few others whom I've done Role Plays with have met Soren firsthand, usually when he drops in during a battle to lend a helping hand. But now, more is revealed on The Prince of Avalon and Hero of Life.

And as quite a few already know, don't mess with the mentioned beings around Soren, or he'll make you regret it. And another thing: if you don't already know, one thing Soren hates the most- Perverts. So as you'd imagine, Soren has actually beaten Ventus within an inch of his life... numerous times. XD

Ventuscalmdown by SalvatoreMasterDenif: (rubbing his rump) Don't remind me, D-Mod. Jeez. Does he really have to hit me so hard?! That's gonna leave a mark or two!

Soren: (glaring dangerously at Ventus) Good! And if I hear about you peeping on one more girl, I SWEAR to Zerclea I will ensure that "Spicy Ventus Wings" will be on the menu!!

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so I see this on models in your gallery, care to explain this