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fusion bra-pan
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Alguien me explica??? Estos dibujos surgen de algun DBAF alternativo a las versiones de Toyotaro y Young Jijii. O ese signo de DBAF en las imagenes solo se refiere a que este DBAF solo son dibujos???
I keep reading Dragon Ball AF as Dragon Ball As F#$K hahaha 
I wonder, if two women doing the fusion do their breast will double in size?
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I doubt it. The fusion would most likely take the dominant fusee's body type.
Gotenks looks like he's about 15 when Trunks and Goten are both respectively 8 and 7. Every aspects of him is the sum of his parts.

Bran would definitely have boobies equal to her 2 fusee's sizes added up.
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Why couldn't bra be like this in GT, she would've been COOL!!
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omg this rocks the dragon(old dbz american opening) would u take a fusion request.
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I love her hair.. :D
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!FUUUUUUUUU!, !Increible, esta justo como lo imaginaba!, el cabello, el color de los ojos, solo el traje que no me parece, es novedoso si, pero levemente parecido al traje de fusion, no es critica, solo comparacion

simplemente excelente
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esta excelente!!
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who this she reminds me of someone:??
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hahahahahaha no mamesss XDDDDD jaajajaj
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Sweet fusion. :D +Fave
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jeje esta si que esta diferente y muy buena jeje!!!
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Nice original idea for the fusion jacket.
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Of all the fusion designs for Bran, this is the best design I've seen yet.
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