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Raditz Ozaru

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que hubiera pasado si algo así ocurría??
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muy buen trabajo, cuanto mas se parece a una escena de la serie, mas me gusta

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FABULOSO no lo habia visto salvamakoto tu tienes un don. hubiera sido genial el Rdditz Ozaru.

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Será mejor que corras Piccolo!!!!

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FINALLY, a great ape raditz w long hair! That is how it should be. I think oozarus should have hair that somewhat resembles their base form, anyway. Raditz is an obvious case, though. Excellent work!
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Ah, that reminds me. I've been meaning to buy a commission of an Oozaru (presumably Son Goku but possibly Raditz?) vs. Giant Piccolo. Maybe after the upcoming one, I'll get on it?

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At this point neither Goku nor Piccolo knew about the moon or the tail being vital to the transformation so they'd lose badly. Raditz would be stronger than nappa with Great ape with 12k-15k power level.

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But goku would turn into a ape as well by looking at the moon! So it would depend on goku to beat raditz!
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No Goku would not turn into an ape because he lacked his tail. You need the tail.

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No he could grow it back (the tail thing is a shaky topic because any sayian character could grow it back when they wanted) In that fight with raditz and plus raditz wouldn't turn great ape immediately!
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You are mistaken. The Saiyans can't just grow their tails back whenever they want to. The tail can randomly grow back at times, but the Saiyan has no control over this. Also, Goku in particular could not grow his tail back as an adult because he had his tail removed by Kami. Kami, as a god, was able to remove Goku's tail in a way so that it wouldn't grow back. This was because they did not want Goku raging out as a great ape. The reason why Goku's tail grew back in GT was because the elder supreme kai (who is a higher god than Kami) had Goku turn some grinder or whatever, and that somehow caused Goku's tail to grow back. The point here is that the elder kai is a higher god than Kami.

Anyway, long story short: The tail thing is not a shaky thing. Saiyans can't just grow it back whenever they want. Even if they could, Goku could not since his tail was removed by Kami.

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I'm not saying when they felt like it but when they need it like When kid Gohan got his tail back when he fighting vegeta but also kami is still Alive in this instance and could allow goku to grow his tail back for this fight (i was trying to find a word for other than shaky to describe the tail being barely used other than in Gt) but never mind his ape form would probably just be weaker since he wouldn't have control of it 😅
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Tails grow back every 6 months unless they are permanently damaged like Vegeta's. Goku never had a tail as an adult since Kami removed it until Gt.

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Amazing concept! Raditz would need to kill them off before they can cut his tail off or destroy the moon though lol

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Podrías hacerlo completo al ozaru raditz me gusta mucho ver lo completo. Es bellisimo.. :clap: :clap: :clap::clap: :clap: :clap::clap: :clap: :clap::clap: :clap: :clap:

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Hermoso trabajo te mereces 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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All they have to do is cut his tail or destroy the moon.

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This would have happend if they decided to go for night

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Oh lord this is gonna be good

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grande maestro!!! esta genial :D

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