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Dibujo de una ya Pan mas adulta y como me imagino podría haber sido si  DBGT seguía
espero que les guste :D 
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IdktheiceNew Deviant

Hey! I Made A Edit Of This! And I Was Wondering, Can Post It?

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Oh, really nice ! <3

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wuau que garn dibujo de pan adulta se ve fantastico y genial pan se ve fuerte y valeinte te felicito mucho salvamakoto es un gran trabajo:D:)
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hermosa como su madre
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GokuXVLegendHobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks like a blend of her Grandmother, Pan EndOfZ, & Pan GT... I dig it. 
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EverlastingDarkness5Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Pan sera quien tome el lugar de Goku cuando ya no este
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allmagienceProfessional General Artist
I wanna see adult Bra fighting so much now.
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She looks sexy and extremely powerful at the same time. This is how it's done.
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Brilliant and in the classic art style.
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baaka-yaroHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome, it's exactly what Pan would look like when she's older
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Wait a minute, Pan is supposed to be more like Gohan, she looks like Videl! :eager:
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She even has the same voice in the japanese version
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MarchulitaOtakuHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, está precioso. Me encanta los colores que usaste!!!:squee-love: - PLZ 
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Ogunarts01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For a second, I almost mistaken her for Chi chi
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This image is MUCH better than what DBGT did with Pan~
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I already know that this is a fan-made interpretation of Pan's design from DBGT.

Why would you think that I didn't know that?

Lastly, Toriyama barely had any involvement with DBGT's series production whatsoever, so I have no idea why you are blaming Toriyama.

Toei Animation produced the DBGT series on their own; it was not Toriyama who made the series.

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1.Becuase you wrote that way?Sweating a little... 
2.He designed GT Pan and several other things… unless you meant her personality
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1. Your interpretation of my comment is your own responsibility; it is not my responsibility to spoon-feed you my thoughts. You assumed too much, which caused you to misunderstand my original comment.

2. Like I said before, Toriyama barely had any involvement with the DBGT production. Art concepts do not equate to Toriyama automatically being at fault for Toei Animation's contribution of a badly written plot / story-line for DBGT, which is a whole separate issue from Pan's character design.

Now lets talk about Pan's DBGT character design:

Pan was suppose to be represented as the successor of Gohan, who was the single strongest DBZ series character in known existence at that time. Instead of giving Pan her DBZ aspects of character development that Toriyama actually designed for her (which was shown at the last Arc of the DBZ Anime and Manga), Toei Animation decided to absolutely ruin her DBGT character by making her personality a rebellious edge-lord and also making her fighting ability have no Super Saiyan form potential. She didn't even have any Ultimate form potential from Gohan's Ultimate form transformation; she was a completely wasted character.

That is what I was talking about in my original comment. If you had just asked me what I meant initially, instead of assuming what I meant, then you would have avoided this miscommunication in the first place.

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Hmph OK then bro
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