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cool que gran dibujo de la familia de vegeat es asombrosso y fantastico te felicito mucho salvamakoto es un gran trabajo:D:)

Back when Super wasn’t a thing and everyone thought Trunks would end up with a lovely girl like Marron, boy they were wrong, 🤮

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awesome artwork!

Gugnugl's avatar

It tookme until this to get WHY Trunk has that Hair colour!

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Bra:Te vez ridículo con ese bigote


Vegeta OMFG Icon

Knight3000's avatar
Really cool Panchy looks younger than Bulma!
TGrebel2's avatar
'Hey mom, why is it you never age?'
lightning116's avatar
That is one proud looking Vegeta.
Wolftamer54's avatar
I wonder what Bulla is looking at, she seems pissed for some reason. Doesn't really matter, this whole piece is great. 
arzeer's avatar
Vegeta's face is looks like he wanna say "fuck yeah"
Wolftamer54's avatar
Ikr? He looks so friggin proud of his family, I love it. 
rainbowdashfanwhite2's avatar
Bulma needs to grow out her hair long again.  That mom haircut of hers ages her by twenty years.
DaUziel's avatar
I really liked Biker Dad Vegeta.
pixelp0n's avatar
dude...bulla looks NICE in black holy crap
bleachcrater's avatar
bulmas parents scarmy a little the still look the smae as the first apeard ():
coredumperror's avatar
That's a really different look for Vegeta. I like it!
bulmamoon08's avatar
Vegeta es perfecto !
You really do have to question how old Bulma's mother and the cat are.
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