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espero que les guste este dibujo que hice de Bra de db multiverse con un atuendo como el de vegeta ;)
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Vegeta <manly warrior tears>> THAT IS MY BABY GIRL!

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Bra: Jokes on you, I don't even WEAR a bra!


Bra: Take a joke, dad, you're such a crank. XD

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It's not her dad that scares me, it's her mom, because she can sue my ass to jail after her dad breaks my bone!

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Bra: We’re rich, we don’t need your money, your broken spine is good enough. OwO

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No what I want to say, is that after I get out of the hospital, they are going to pay my bill just to screw with me further, she can sew than me put in jail and worst of Cell might end up being my bunkmate, not using his name twice, AND I KNOW ENOUGH HENTAI LORE TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

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Maybe Vegeta should just end you. He’ll do It, I can ask him XD

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Death would be preferable,

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cool que gran dibujo de bra en supersayajin es asombroso y fantastico te felicito mucho salvamakoto es un gran trabajo:D:)
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Hmmmm interesting.
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Looks like Bulma but is more like Vegeta in personality. 
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Great! Son Bra wearing Vegeta's outfit has always looked pretty cool, lol.
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Wait this is Son Bra from universe 16 and not a what if version of Bra?
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This isn't even my final form...

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The thickness. Its wonderful
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Holy Lord this is great :O
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Excellent Work Of Art!!!

I am offering DA points ask me how you can get them! Send me a note!
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We're gonna die.

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Think she'll ever go super?  
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El sponsor camuflado patrocinando unos melones (?)
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