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Aescher Family Coat of Arms by Salvage-98 Aescher Family Coat of Arms :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 4 0
Warframe: Hayden's Warpath
    The automated foundry worked all day and night, assembling a new piece of equipment. Akihito, one of the awoken Tenno, looked at its work every once in a while, in the same time modifying his Warframe. Loki stood still in front of his master, a patient golem. The Operator tried several combinations of the mods, looking for the one that would enhance his overall performance even more. Soon, he heard the foundry finish its work. The young boy walked towards it and smiled at the sight of a freshly assembled Plasma Sword. He picked it up to feel its weight, and swung it twice in the air – to him as an Operator, it was quite heavy, but for a Warframe, it was just enough; a fine work of art, and a functional one, too!
    “Operator,” spoke his ship Cephalon, “I have found something in my archives that might interest you.”
    Akihito looked at the holographic polyhedron that had appeared by his side. He put down t
:iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 4 0
Mature content
Fur Honor :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 4 1
Zebra Finch by Salvage-98 Zebra Finch :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 8 1
Mature content
Warframe: Just the Two of Us :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 8 1
Warframe: Grineerstein
 “Tenno,” spoke the Lotus, her voice soft and patient as always, “I've detected an anomaly in this region. You're to investigate and neutralize the potential threat. Be careful, though – I've also detected a Corpus platoon nearby, apparently for the same reason. Don't get caught off-guard.”
Ember nodded as she jumped off her landing craft. She landed on a frigid plateau, once serving as a landing pad of an old outpost nearby. She drew her longsword as she snuck closer, looking for potential enemies. Soon, she reached a round shaft carved in the ice and rock, leading deep into the plateau. There, she heard already familiar chatter of the Corpus Crewmen. Focused on their tasks, they had yet to notice the presence of the Tenno.
Ember slided down the shaft and landed on a metal platform. Sneaking past the Crewmen and a cohort of their robotics, she hid in the plain sight, searching the large chamber she was in for potential paths to reach her objective. M
:iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 4 1
BNHA: The Last Moments of Freedom
 Mako, snoring softly on the lower bunk, slowly opened her eyes as her ears had registered tha buzzing of her phone, lying on the bed right next to her head, and recharging overnight. She raised her head, but too late did she remind herself it was a bunk bed she was lying in, and she painfully hit herself on the head. That certainly woke her up completely.
Groaning, she looked at the time. It was around six o'clock. She had forgotten to change the alarm, damn it. But she wouldn't go back to sleep now; she could easily get late for her first classes. She slipped off the bed and slowly walked to the small kitchen corner on the opposite side of their room. Thankfully, she had managed to conserve some food bought out in the cafeteria. She took the remains, put them on a plate, and turned on the microwave to warm them up.
Soon, having heard a 'ding!', Hikari opened her eyes, hidden deep under the sheet on her bunk, like a caterpillar in a cocoon. She focused on Mako, sitting right on t
:iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 5 1
Mature content
Fay the Barbarian :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 5 1
Mature content
BNHA: Ground Beta :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 3 1
Boku no Hero Academia FF: Walking Flamethrower
A massive explosion was heard from the distance. From a bank on the main street of the city ran off a group of robbers, leaving behind terrified and restrained victims. Each of those four thugs possesed a special power – a so-called Quirk – that helped them in their 'little operation'. If they had a nickname according to their Quirks, they would go like this: there was a Smoker, able to cause thick clouds of choking smoke; a Gatling, bringing mayhem with bone-like pellets shot from his hands; an Icer, raising meter-thick walls of ice just by the move of his arm; and, at last, a Chameleon, blending with the environment in a blink of an eye.
All four were more than content with their robbery – too content, apparently, as they had left a clear track for the authorities to follow. Soon, to the police came the reinforcements: the superheroes. For them, beating and capturing outlaws was a common practice – and well-paid, too!
"Officer, we've come here as quickly as we
:iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 2 1
Mature content
Queen's New Groove :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 5 0
Ground Zero
There was that strange place far to the west of America, called Ground Zero. It was said to be an enormous - like, the size of a large city - crater after a meteorite of some sort, dating back to the prehistoric times. Some theorized that this particular meteorite had somehow… created the ferian kind, mixed the animal genes with those of a species that was supposed to inhabit Earth back then. Whether it was truth or not, nobody knew, but the nature of the enigmatic Ground Zero somewhat persisted any attempts of revealing the truth.
Lucy was reading a newspaper article about an expedition that was supposed to reach the Ground Zero. According to it, they had managed to enter the zone around it, known from its bizarre, post-apocalyptic shapes and landscapes despite literally hundreds of thousands of years that had passed, but then, the entire group just disappeared. Well, almost entire; there was one survivor who somehow made it back to the inhabited part of the continent, and was l
:iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 3 0
Glamour Gale by Salvage-98 Glamour Gale :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 5 2
The Trickster 1/2
P A R T  1
On a cloudy afternoon, on stairs to a large apartment block sat a young stoat, no older than twelve years old. His nose broken and bandaged, and his eye black, he contemplated the fight he had gotten into at school back in this day. Some of those dumb rich kids had decided to give one of his friends a pretty hard time, and Soren was brave enough to swoop down and push them aside - only to be beaten up instead of him. While the other guy managed to escape on time, he was there taking all the hits. Dammit, he shouldn’t have played hero!
Suddenly, Soren raised his ears. He heard something - laughs coming from the nearby pavement. Damn, it was those guys! What were they doing here anyway? Or more importantly: what if they noticed him? They could want to beat him again! It was the last thing the stoat wanted to get into today. Despite bruises all over his body, he jumped right behind the nearby garbage cans. It was a coward’s tactic, but it had been known
:iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 5 1
New Assignment
It was an early evening in Cairo. The slowly setting sun bathed the Egyptian city in its colourful rays. It was one of the few sights that citizens from both levels would admire - the towners and the arcos alike. Just as in many other cities of its size, the Cairan society was divided into two major caste-like classes: the minority, wealthy elites and corporate employees alike, worked and lived in a place known as an arcology; the others, unwilling to fall in megacorps’ shackles, one way or another, would gather around in the rest of the city.
An arcology was a massive, nearly self-sustaining building, its inhabitants counted in hundreds or thousands; quite literally a city within a city. The Cairan arcology, its design having its roots way back in the ancient times of the country, was about twice as big as the Great Pyramid of Giza, was at the moment the tallest building in Egypt and its trade center, a crown jewel of the country. To some, it was a symbol of wealth and prosperit
:iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 4 1
Brawl Aftermath by Salvage-98
Mature content
Brawl Aftermath :iconsalvage-98:Salvage-98 5 8


Seesaw Handholding by StudentOfRubber
Mature content
Seesaw Handholding :iconstudentofrubber:StudentOfRubber 76 3
Ettie FIFA mascotte by AsheraArt Ettie FIFA mascotte :iconasheraart:AsheraArt 55 4 Flying by Ze-Shazzi Flying :iconze-shazzi:Ze-Shazzi 18 0 Reyna Commission 26 by KGH786 Reyna Commission 26 :iconkgh786:KGH786 30 2 Jade and Crys by Shio-bari
Mature content
Jade and Crys :iconshio-bari:Shio-bari 145 10
Kinktober 2018 day 19 Princess by Rook-07
Mature content
Kinktober 2018 day 19 Princess :iconrook-07:Rook-07 31 2
19 - Straitjackets by silenceyoursword
Mature content
19 - Straitjackets :iconsilenceyoursword:silenceyoursword 38 1
Punk Dash by Baron-Engel Punk Dash :iconbaron-engel:Baron-Engel 52 6 First swimsuit by HananPacha
Mature content
First swimsuit :iconhananpacha:HananPacha 26 5
Commission: Onodera and Chitoge by Geknebelt
Mature content
Commission: Onodera and Chitoge :icongeknebelt:Geknebelt 198 9
BW Artwork - Amadalia by kopianget
Mature content
BW Artwork - Amadalia :iconkopianget:kopianget 58 5
my oc shannon doggy by cutesexyrobutts
Mature content
my oc shannon doggy :iconcutesexyrobutts:cutesexyrobutts 719 33
Chapter 3 Nancy Leu sketch by Broseidon-Of-The-Sea
Mature content
Chapter 3 Nancy Leu sketch :iconbroseidon-of-the-sea:Broseidon-Of-The-Sea 13 0
Portrait Commission 0002 by KianJimenez Portrait Commission 0002 :iconkianjimenez:KianJimenez 78 2 Cleo by AbyssWatchers Cleo :iconabysswatchers:AbyssWatchers 234 30 Dank mechanicus by Inkary Dank mechanicus :iconinkary:Inkary 77 7


How much does one have to be emotional to break down in tears over but a simple music video?


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