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I like big butts and I can not lie !!:twerking: 
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Tuning in to Heavy Metal on the classic TNT network, she left a big impression in my youth.
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Yeah!, I loved the movie and the magazine!
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Glad you liked it!
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Incredible work. The colors are crisp and bright. You have an excellent grasp of details.
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Thank you!, glad you liked it!
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DeviantArtHabatchii says,

Very well...

Taarna. I was thinking about an office executive rendition of her. Nice portrait material.
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That could be nice
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Great work! She's gorgeous. The most flirtatious depiction I've seen of her. Don't be fooled though, Taarna has some serious attitude going on. There's a seething anger in there somewhere. So tread lightly.
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I've always loved that contrast that this type of characters have, something beautiful, but dangerous, like a gorgeous venomous plant.
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Lovely sexy work!

I like the second movie more, though.
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Thanks!!, F.A.K.K. 2 is fine too!
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Taarna is a goddess and you captured her perfectly!
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Such pulp ambience! We want MOAR! :)

Honestly, HM was a massive influence on my art. Strong + Sexy works every time.
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Thanks!, I like HM too and most of the artists in it had an influence on my artwork.
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mmmmm great detail
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