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Cyberpunk Character Concept

Some cyberpunk dude, inspired by things like blade runner, deus ex and others, hope you guys like it!
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Winter Soldier got a haircut! LOL
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i can't wait for prosthetics to reach this level
Hi there, 

we are working on a kickstarter pen and paper RPG. Could I use your art? I cant offer money till its done, but you would be credited and when its on sale we could work something out.

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Deus Ex inspired ?
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I'm pretty sure Marvel was amongst the things inspired if you get my gist.  :)
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I know what you mean, but no, I wasn't inspired by the winter soldier, is that what you mean right?
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Uh, kinda Yeah. Mainly because of the cybernetic arm and the leather outfit.
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copy paste winter soldier
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way out of the universe, I was actually inspired by Adam Jensen's design.
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great good job
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This is brilliant!
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Hey :)
Do you ilustrate for games? I need characters for a game made on Unity and i would like to know if you are available as freelancer. It will be used as reference for the modeler.

If so, please contact me at
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i can see the deus ex influence, i like it , he looks tough, but somehow subtle
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Far out dude!
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