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who live in a pineapple under the sea?

spongebob squarepants! XD

here come my favorite yellow fellow :p
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SpongeBob SquarePants!
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This is so pretty! I love all the patterns and details, some of them are really clever in how abstract they are while still evoking the texture of the real thing.
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THIS IS AMAZING! You should do one for Danny Phantom. (just an idea)
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Hey thanks, i love to watch Danny Phantom also maybe someday would do that also,
I rarely do too much fanart and want to do more in the future just for fun, anyway thx for the idea!
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I have an idea for it to: On the top, it's Danny's house, in the middle it's like, spectral energy and stuff, and on the bottom, it's the ghost zone (maybe throw in Cujo, Clockwerk, and Frostbite for good measure).
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we'll see later when i have time to do it, but thats good idea to consider it, thanks ;)
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Seeing spongebob in your style looks very interesting! So maaaaaaaaany patterns again >w< Squidwards face is hilarious
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Such lovely SpongeBob fanart! The amazing details really makes this piece look like a mosaic :heart:
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thanks! i tried to make it with my decorative style...bit worry at first i will ruin XD
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