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Host Club from Ouran High School Host Club.

I wanted to have Host Club in my room, and cause I don't have enough money to buy original artbook or poster I chose the best way and I drew them ! It wasn't easy but it was fun to do it. I spent on it few hours but it was worth it though it's not perfect. It's my first time to do such thing so don't expect too much. Of course it's not finished ! I just made a lineart and I will colour it (and add the roses and eyes) but some people wanted to see the result so I submitted it. Soon I'll move it to scraps.

Edit: It's some kind of progress. I finished chair and I drew eyes for Honey Takashi and Kyouya. They are very good but it's not possible to see it on the potograph. And they are done in pencil. I decided that pencils are only things I can use properly. So eyes of all Host Club will be done in pencils. Maybe I will add some colour when I finish it, we will see...

Edit 2: Now it's clean lineart. And I really don't know how to finish it,
I'm afraid of using anything to colour, I think I will spoil it...
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OMG!!!!my friend has that poster and your drawing looks real nice!!