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Hatori from Fruits Basket, for moshi_moshi ^^ Hope you like it.

I started to like him after I watched Ghost Hunt cause I like Lin. They are similar so thanks to him I started to like Hatori. Fruits Basket is an anime with many young men so it's impossible to focus on everyone. I chose Ayame and Shigure and I forgot about others... But now I started to think he's also worth to draw.
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i love this pic! I LOVE IT WHEN HE SMILES
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He's so hot!!! :love: Awesome pic!
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HE LOOKS SO AMAZING!! :iconcrosseyedplz:
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Aww, it's my dragon! ^_^ :heart: you Hatori

P.S. This is beautifully draw by the way.
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I just wanted to say this is my very favorite Hari fanart ever. You caught him at his best moment and helped show his beauty ^_^ It is very inspiring.
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This is the cutest Hatori I have ever seen!!!!! I adore it!
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i LUV IT when Haari smiles!
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sooo smexi i adore hatori ♥
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That is SO AMAZING :333 And i thought they looked the same too xD
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and the way u shade is amazing how do u do the skin shadin do u rub it with ur finger??
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Wow, this is great!! I love the eyes and the hair and the shading and the everything! Great job!
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I :heart:LOVE:heart: this picture!!!
Hatori is my favourite character and you've drawn him perfectly!!!
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Luv Haa-san (as Shigure calls him) *faves*
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So nice smile.
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Oh wow this is a fantastic job!! There's so much emotions in his eyes and his smile is
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Hatori of furuba! i love furuba<3 very nice
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*drools* i love hatori! *hugs* he's so troubled if i was in an anime then i would so be like him...heck i already am.
-don't smile much
-can control anoying people *glares at ayame*
-plus i'm calm, polite and evn though i am a girl i act much like him also i don't like to sleep in front of other people so no sleepovers for me.
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wow! thats a beautiful picture! and i love the way his smile is in this XD im faving it!
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Omg its soooooo good! I drew Hatori only 2 times and they're not so good -_-
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*gasp* he's smiling. IT'S A MIRACLE!!:XD:
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