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Wordpress Theme

***See it LIVE***: [link]

There are items that are kind of faded. That's because I'll add a jquery fade effect later on when I code it. So don't worry. It's supposed to be like this

It's been a while since I haven't done something I really like. So I tried to do something here. I tried not to add very complicate stuff since from the beginning I intended to code this layout and pass it over to wordpress and either use it or sell it (I will most probably sell it).

As soon as I code it on HTML I'll update this deviant.

favs and comments are very much appreciated.

Uodate: I updated the date stick, and decreased the font size
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Hi, the link to "see it LIVE" is broken. I would like to purchase this wordpress theme plz.
The link to see it live is BROKEN. I would like to purchase this theme.
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I know this is a little late but.. what font are you using in the header? lol
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nem tinha reparado meu ex avatar ta no partners haha
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Great Theme! Thanks..
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Muito lindo o lay!
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ficou fodão cara!!
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Nice design, I really love this colour in web interfaces... and is that my avatar in the footer :XD:
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Oh yes it is :D I actually took my friends icons and put down there coz its would be easier than go around looking for websites icons and stuff... Glad you liked it :D
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It's worth :) is this design your personal or for someone?
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My personal blog its already online : [link]

This one is just for fun and actually to try getting some extra cash :D
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why don't you try selling it on you have got awesome coding skills... hope I can code my website someday
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I was thinking about But I will definately take a look at
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Well I believe it's .net not .com :XD:
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I just finished coding its HTML... check it out.. I think it is a lot better coded... I also made a few changes on it [link]
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