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beauty of falling and drowning

falling birds, drowning fishes,
cast shadows on her beauty...

been ages since I submit anything new here! Hopefully more coming! :)

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Hi Chen, long story short.... I saw your work "Let Her Petals Go" from a link on facebook. It's up for sale at I loved it so I looked you up, and found you here! small world haha. I just want to say that think your work is amazing and inspiring !
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Oh I'm so happy you like! Thanks for the kind words:)
Hi, I really want a print of this illustration!!. Where can I buy this???
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Very beautiful work as always..... with nice catchy lines
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u r the best.....
and u r my hero !! :]
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Amazing... Poetic... Beautiful...
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Wow! I love this one! Beautiful style as usual!
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Awesome! Great to see a new you pic from u on DA
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I hope post more soon really!
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Nice to see you are still working your magic. Hope all is well :)
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yeah but hoping's things going with you?
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I love your style (:
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So beautiful, love the concept behind :)
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beautiful as always! keep sending more art, please!
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