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This comic is amazing and you should read it at! She also has a patreon (D. Shazzbaa Bennett) and she's amazing and super sweet and cares about all her readers. GO SUPPORT HER :) 
The characters are amazing (necropony is so cute help me), the story is unique, and the art is beautiful. 

Also Jonan is love <333

Anddd I forgot to color Tareth's she's wearing.....flesh colored sandals..shhhh

*This picture is reallyyyy big. If you click it/download it, it gets bigger SORRY
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HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THESE CUTIES!!!! I already commented on patreon but I HAVE TO COMMENT HERE TOO BECAUSE: EVERYONE'S EXPRESSIONS ARE PERF, AND NECROPONY IS SO CUTE AND GOOD, and omg thank you so much for drawing this it is great :love: