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Simplifying The Wolf

A quick visual tutorial on looking at wolf references and simplifying and exaggerating their forms, after a friend asked for a little help with it. I thought other people might find it useful so here ya go!

I look at wolves (and all animals) in shapes of mainly sharp shapes. Looking at those shapes, we can keep true to a sense of their anatomy while also exaggerating (see:breaking) parts of them. When exaggerating, try to think in simple terms like stretching and squishing, round and sharp. Take each shape that makes up the wolf and decide what you want to do with those shapes. In my examples I took the simplified shapes and those key words to make a more stylized wolf while still keeping it looking very wolf-like!

Let me know if this helps you :) I really enjoyed making this. And thanks CastleGraphics for the great reference!

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I needed this in my life
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This is so so amazing! Will definitely be testing this out soon
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That is really good, honestly
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Thank you! I hope you find it useful :)
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This is very useful and interesting!! Thanks so much for sharing :heart:
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Of course! I really love helping people figure stuff out... it helps me solidify ideas in my own head too haha
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