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They seem really happy to be in a zombie apocalyps

By Saltvenian
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DerpymuffinArtist made a zombie apocalypse AU and I love it to bITS
seriously tho check out their art it'S HELLA GOOD

I've really been wanting to make some designs myself so here's Felix and Jennifer
Since they inspired me I kinda wanted to do them in a similar style lol
Also you fucking bet I'm gonna give this a plot

THis took like 3 hours which is way too long and i dont even like it as much lmao
Originally Jen's design was gonna be for modern AU and I already drew it like that, but then I realised I wanted to make it this AU more, that's why it's kinda sexualized and probably not a good choice for an apocalypse lmao
I really wanna make more designs and if I do they'll be less detailed because jesus christ this was supposed to be a quick drawing to start the day

Also if you wanna make a design for one of the characters yourself plEASE ill love you forever

IDEA BELONGS TO DerpymuffinArtist

YES, you are allowed to use this for a video/slideshow, your personal wallpaper etc. as long as you don't claim the piece as your own. By chance please credit me.
PLEASE ASK, before using this for a story, comic, on your page etc.
NO,you are not allowed to repost this,trace it, use it as a stock or claim it as your own or steal it in any way. DO NOT redraw this with your own characters or copy any the designs, even if you credit me, thank you.
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Aaa that is very interesting AU! I found it to be pretty cool!
I may go check Derpy's Labyrinth AU if I have some time. ;o;
And I really like the designs! I mostly like Felix's design, it really fits him a lot and
I think its good for the apocalyps and its very stylish in a cool way! And he looks so much happy aaa what a
sweet ginger cinnamon roll. And I kinda like Jennifer's design, but I think its not the best choice to
have those kinda dresses for apocalyps and I agree with you for that. But she looks pretty cool
with those dresses, very fashion if you ask me!
But yea the AU looks interesting and its a very great idea! I will take a look at it and um yea!
Great job! ^^
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Thank you!! ;u;
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Your welcome! ^^
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Awesome, those look really cool! Tho wouldn't it be cool if Felix also had the scars he has in Labyinth?
Also, I never thought Felix was the type for blunt force weapons. Oh well.
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I think it'd be hilarious if even in this AU jennifer was the one who gave them to him tho lmao
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