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Commission sheet 2017 by Saltvenian, visual art

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My Bio
Hello! I'm Lara, a 17 yo artist from Slovenia interested in illustration, character design and story development!
A lot of my art revolves around my current two stories, Labyrinth and The Red Sun.
My general commission sheet is linked on the left but I take character design and animation commissions as well, note me if interested! ^^
I draw with Paint tool SAI

My youtube channel:

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Idols & inspirations:

Favourite Visual Artist
Check them out above!
Favourite TV Shows
House MD and Steven Universe
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Oh my gosh I found your profile again. I really need to get this off my chest, Ive been holding this in for “years”.

Your profile and story Labyrinth really changed my entire life. If I hadn’t found your art, I would be a completely different person, seriously. Your art, animations and writing was a big deal to me. You were like, my idol. I started drawing and writing because of you. However, i Never had a DA account, I just stalked your profile constantly lol.

this next part is kindof embarrassing but I think its funny looking back. Me and a friend loved your story, and we created a role play based on it but with our own OCs. In the Labyrinth, with our own villains. It had Diamond and her siblings in it, except it was before Ruby was specified as male I think, so Ruby was female in this rp. this Role play lasted THREE years. It shaped my middle school life, I drew so much art, made so many characters, made short stories. it eventually derailed from your story and became almost entirely different, but the bones were still there, it was always still a “Labyrinth”, we still said “hey, wanna rp lab tonight?” and we had so much fun.

It finished by 8th grade and I drifted apart from that friend, but dear god, that was my childhood. since I found your account again I just wanted you to know that my child self stole your idea and made an entire rp universe about it Lol. part of me wanted to just take this to the grave, but I just wanted tell this story to say thank you. Thank you for creating. Your art was so influential to me, and some of your style remains in mine Because I happened to enjoy it so long ago. Continue being such an awesome artist and writer. c:

Gosh, I don't even know where to begin. I'm honestly so flattered I'm speechless. As someone who communicates through art and writing, nothing makes me happier than hearing that they've brought joy to someone. I know how impactful stories can be and hearing how much Labyrinth and its characters mean to you is honestly just amazing.

I've actually found the artist that inspired me to start drawing digitally last week, I remember how excited and grateful I became so I'm really honoured to know I was that same artist for you.

I feel like I'm rambling with this but tbh yeah I don't even know how to express how grateful I am. My characters, stories and art mean the world to me so and the fact they've had such a big impact on your life as well is honestly the best compliment I could receive as a writer and artist.

I read this comment a while back but haven't had time to properly reply to it until now, but every time I remembered it, it brought a smile on my face.

Thank you so so much for reaching out to me about this, I'm both honoured and grateful ;u;

Hey, What Ever Happened To Your Skybrine: Sell Your Soul Video?
I've privatised almost all of my MC youtubers related videos, because I don't want people to find my art through that type of content anymore, I would rather be associated with my own characters and stories ^^
YOYO happy birthday~~
UUUU I'm sorry I'm late haha 
But thank you, my birthday is in May tho ;u; my dad set it to January idk why but I've been unable to change it rip