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Color Kingdom

the idea behind this wallpaper is to represent the fact the White is the combination of all colors , which make it the king :D .
and here i tried to do this idea in a fun 3D concept .
its made with 3ds max and rendered with v-ray .
feel free to use this wallpaper on your desktop :)
C&C are greatly appreciated

download the zip to get the wallpapers of the following sizes :
1920 X 1200 "Wide Screen"
1680 X 1050 "Wide Screen"
1440 X 900 "Wide Screen"
1280 X 800 "Wide Screen"
1024 X 768
© 2009 - 2022 saltshaker911
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used as wallpaper on my desktop
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i want to buy this image for using website....??

Please let us know your thoughts.
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I love It .. I'm using your wallpaper on my screen :)
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Hi, i just love it, congrats it's a very nice work, i just wonder, can i use it as a background image on a webpage? thanks =)
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thanks, im really glad you liked it, but im sorry its not possible to use it as a web page background, but you can use it as a desktop wallpaper if you want ;)
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awesome dude, im using this wallpaper on ipod touch for ages, and never tought it was yours
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haha, im really gad you do.. i have it on my ipod touch, and now i actually got used to it there haha :D
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could i use this on a project i am working on?
saltshaker- any chance you'll consider making this in 2560x1440 res? I'd be really appreciative!
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Am I allowed to use this as a background one month for a calander that church does once a month (we distribute it for free and I will leave the copyright on it)
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thanks alot, im really glad to see it featured in your post :)
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wow, looks really good! I love this colors.
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thanx!!! love it!!
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can i get this without the urls and writing at the top? i like the bottom left corner marking tho.
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Good Job! Nice Wall! :thumbsup:
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I downloaded this from abduzeedo the other day
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some very rough edges on your shapes man :(

otherwise it is nicely done :)
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