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1930s Bedroom Radiator (C4D Model)

By saltorio
A replica of the hot-water radiator that was in the bedroom of my old apartment. The building was built in 1939, and the radiator was coated in so many layers of paint that I had to take a ridiculous number of reference photos to figure out some of the detail. It took me a while to figure out the best way to model the radiator panels (which ended up being through the use of HyperNURBS), and it may look untextured (and I'm the first to admit I have almost no texturing skill) but this is actually a pretty accurate representation of what it looks like (minus a few decades of dust on the inside).

My plan had been to re-create the whole bedroom with furnishings. However, we moved before I got very far into the rest of the room, and I got side-tracked by other things (as is always my problem).

(Maxon Cinema 4D R13, 2012)
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It'd be cool to live in a place heated by one of those, as they're quite good at keeping a place warm during the winter, and IIRC, radiant's more efficient than convection as well.

Include a whole-house fan for the summer where applicable, and you'd have pretty cheap util bills. :lol:
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Unfortunately, all but 1 of the radiators in our old apartment were covered in so many layers of (probably leaded) paint that they weren't as radiant as I'd have liked. The one unpainted radiator really cranked out the heat though. May have been the ultra-leaky windows that didn't help with the heat management too.
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Very nice work. I think these older radiators are great. I mean, have you ever seen how much heat comes from a modern radiator? Try walking up to one with your hand facing the panel and see how near you have to get before you feel the heat. I bet it will be mm's!