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Finding Your Roots- Chapter 6, Page 4

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beetboi's avatar two friends? I'm hoping it's not breaking the fourth wall...

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who is talking in the last panel?

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It's the Protagonist's thoughts.

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just wanna say, i don't usually like when stories have narration (it usually feels like a cheap way to give exposition to the viewer all "my name is ebony dark'ness dementia raven way and i have long ebony black hair") but i really like how it's done here. it just feels like some friend goin "hey dude (:" and i love that

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Why thank you! Thats a really high compliment, that Ive made a good version of something you usually dislike! :D

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Is that a My Immortal reference???

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"Yeah," I roared.

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They need a durable bag and a folder to keep all their letters in. I don’t know what I’d do without waterproof sleeves for documents.

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These two are perfect!!

Age difference or not Cedar is best mom! Older Sisters can fill in that motherly role just as well as an actual mother can ^^

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Yes!! Lets have some fun!!
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Correction: the wait between EVERY chapter feels like eternity passing. Maybe that’s just cuz we enjoy it so much tho
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Oh my god the way this B E A N walks is wholesome

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Aaaa, I can't get over how cute Nauki is with that sweet little puppy pose!

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Time flies when you're having fun

Ya running montage!

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