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PolySualizer 1.0



For our first skin, we made an original sound visualizer with a diamond effect.
We will probably make some improvement ;) 

You can change in the settings file (right click on the skin):
    -size (SquareSize).
    -the number of bars (BarCount). You have to choose an inferior multiple of the size variable.
    -You can enable/disable a bar interspaces (BarGap). You can choose the size of the interspaces.
    -The Color of each part (bars with UsedColor; the white diamond with SecondColor and the small one with ColorCenterSqare.
    -Enable/Disable the rotation of the small Diamond.
    -Choose the way it turns (clockwise/anticlockwise).

The small diamond size changes according to the 10th bar and it gaves a very good effect :)


Made by GemiWagner and Milihhard.
We use the factory script made by Madhoe.
© 2015 - 2023 SaltedRainbowCupcake
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