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::Xdown-Boys side:: by rann-poisoncage ::Xdown-Boys side:: :iconrann-poisoncage:rann-poisoncage 7,449 223
So I had an idea last night while looking thru submissions on here.
“Gosh” I thought “Some of these OC character designs are really nice! I’d like to draw some of them sometime!”
So I pondered this some and then thought “WHY DON’T I?!”
Everyone loves getting fanart right? I know I sure do! When someone takes the time to draw my characters for whatever reason it always brightens my day. So I thought, why not just pick an OC design that was neat and draw some fanart for that random person in hopes that it might brighten THEIR day!
So I did just that.
My latest deviation is random fanart for a deviant I’ve never talked to, who’s gallery I’ve never been to before today, and who I’ve had no idea existed until I saw her OC and thought he looked neat.
People worry about doing art for money, doing art for fame, drawing something to kiss up to big name artist #5 or drawing something t
:iconmediaviolence:MediaViolence 863 315
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Trinity Blood
Costumes, props, accessories, plushies and more -- all made by artists of the Artisan Crafts gallery of some of the many characters from Trinity Blood.  The costumemakers here are, for the most part, dedicated to cosplaying and some may have since moved photos to the Cosplay gallery.  There might also eventually be a Part 2 to this feature article if enough artworks are made to include even more characters from the cast of Trinity Blood.    

Alessandro XVIII:

Caterina Sforza:

At this point of my life by LunaeLunetta
Catherina Sforza by BrokenPuppetCatherina Sforza by allicia1:thumb95125837:
Caterina Sforza by allicia12007 Caterina Sfroza cosplay by For-He-who-is-grandPATCH - Trinity Blood - RCO 03 by LunaeLunetta
Abel Nightroad:
Krusnik Abel-Trinity Blood plu by notoesTrinity Blood - Abel Nightroad by PurgatoriXTrinity Blood: Abel's Cross by PurgatoriX
Trinity Blood: Cross Back by PurgatoriXTrinity Blood Abel cosplay by sonialeongTrinity Blood accessories by sonialeong
Abel Nightroad HK plushie by Rens-twinFinished Abel costume by VompIrAbel Nightroad Cake by pirateking42
Abel Nightroad V1 Photoshoot by RedShotRoninAbel Cross close up by RedShotRonin
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Prince of Shorts
United States
Favourite cartoon character: Wanajima Akito/Agito, Matt Engarde, Ryougi Shiki/SHIKI
Not much has been going on I guess.  The cosplay thief issue has been resolved: the pictures were removed (whether by dA admin or by the cosplayer I'm not sure).

I went to Katsucon and fabuloused it up with GunBlazeEX.  It was a lot of fun -- we even spent half of Friday just exploring the National Harbor (aptly nicknamed "Sim City").  Friday was spent cosplaying Togainu no Ch together, and Sunday as Pokemon HGSS together.  Saturday was my durrdurrdurr day, and I just wore whatever I wanted (Tales of Destiny, Persona 4, and then Togainu again for photoshoot).

I'm not sure what's going on next, aside from Pokemon...and even then, the conversation went a little like this
Katsucon 2011
SILVER COSPLAYER (Pokemon): :D Hey, are you guys doing Pokemon again at Otakon?
ME: Huh?  We're doing Gold + Silver again?  That's cool.
GUNBLAZEEX: Huh?  Weren't we doing Gallade and Gardevoir at Otakon??
ME: ??? Oh, we are?
GUNBLAZEEX: Yeah, we are!
SILVER: ...............

We had planned to do these costumes, but it was just kind of a whenever I have time kind of thing.  But apparently we're doing it at Otakon!  I'm Gallade, and GunBlazeEX is Gardevoir.  He wasn't too apt to the lovely lady dress with the thigh high slit, but I'm seeing what I can do >3

Also, I'll hopefully be doing the Artist Alley at OtakuFest this year in April?  There's been a communication breakdown between me and the AA correspondent for OtakuFest, but hopefully things get resolved soon! (I didn't receive a form that I needed to)
I will be doing a ghetto Sebastian cosplay from KuroGay most likely.  I don't want to make the vest, but I might have to end up doing it anyway...we'll see.


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Yuki-Chan2 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
OH gawd, this is so late, but I saw you at AUSA! <3
Your Junpei outfit was much love. :heart: :heart:

Hope you don't mind if I watch you, your cosplays are so pro. ;A;
blackfruitbat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I tagged youuuuuu! [link] Answer ma questions? 8D
wolvendancer Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
Hallo! I'm Lindsay, the Mia from the PW shoot on Saturday~

Just creepin' around your websites, no big deal. xD
Narase Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! :la:
Cosmic-Empress Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
happy birthday!
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Hey, how's it going? It's the Davis from saturday night (I think it was saturday atleast))
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It was awesome to meet you at Katsu! c:
JioSATAN Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
Yo XD JioSATAN here.
Last time commented on you in livejournal hehe *rolls*
saltedeffey Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
Hey, what's going on? I'm really sorry that I haven't responded or much as of late. Hopefully things are going well with you? (Done any cosplay events lately?)
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