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Pren: Ridley

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Name: Ridley Von Brandt

Age: 30

Pokemon: Dragalge

Ability: Poison Touch

T.O.R: Xeluses


  • Ridley was born into a family who were notorious for espionage and, specifically, concocting poisons to off nobles/people of importance, etc. He's no different, picking up where his family left off albeit in more subtle ways. 
  • During his years growing up he's been trained in creating, harvesting, and researching poisons and other hazardous materials. He was fused early with a Skrelp so that he's immune to them. 
  • When he was around 15 he parted from his family to pursue his own path in their work. They didn't expect him to be filthy rich, more so encouraging him to keep low and undercover. Their family history caused them to change their last name and where they currently lived. 
  • He's traveled around Pokegea, his home located in... a hidden swamp.
  • Given his family history, he's been getting into psychedelics/hallucinogens as well. His family, is fairly spiritual, and though their work is frowned upon, it's seen more as a way to keep the world changing.
  • Earning money is his main goal, but his overarching goal is to gain a secret reputation of eliminating notable figures in current time, be it a simple noble or a king/leader. 


Soft-Spoken | Methodical | Introverted (to an extent)| Formal | Curt/Blunt| Emotionally Guarded| Observant| Reclusive|


+Swimming/Being in Water/Baths

+Loves to eat seafood/water pokemon. He eats them raw, using his acid spit to help consume



- Cold weather/ice cold water. Doesn't feel good 8(

- Loud noises. He doesn't like having to speak louder than he needs to. Also, please quiet your child, I'm trying to have a conversation/make a sale...

- People crying...he...he doesn't exactly know how to deal with people who are crying, but he isn't emotionally stunted.


  • His spit is a strange acidic poison as referenced that Dragalge's poison can burn through the hull of a tanker. 
  • He likes to taste test poisons to see if they're good/well made or crappy/cheap.
  • Voice Canon
  • He smells of herbs, water, and woodland.
  • Has a Chatot as a companion that helps relay messages/announce a guest.
  • He has little fins/frills but is always covered near head to toe so no one knows-
  • Loves fermented/pickled/bitter foods.
  • His home and property are underwater, but it's enchanted so that people can breath underneath it. When he doesn't want to be disturbed he shuts the enchantment off. Being a Dragalge fusion he can breath underwater.

Scripts/Items Purchased:  TBA

Nature: Modest

Moves: Dragon Tail, Feint Attack, Smokescreen, Tackle, Twister, Water Gun, Feint Attack, Tail Whip, Bubble, Acid, Camouflage, Poison Tail, Water Pulse, Double Team, Toxic POISON, Aqua Tail , Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump , Dragon Pulse , Dragon Tail

Job Class: Witch/Druid (Witch is Main Focus)
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