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PR: Evander


Name: Evander Aegeus Halkias

Nicknames: Ev, Evie, Evan

Age: 50 (looks around 28)

Height: 6ft 8in

Pokemon: Aegislash

Ability: Stance Change: Exclusive to Aegislash. When using a damage-dealing move, Aegislash switches to its Blade Forme. When using the move King's Shield, Aegislash switches to its Shield Forme. The form change occurs when the appropriate move is selected, regardless of whether the attack goes ahead (e.g. prevented by paralysis).

T.O.R: Xeluses

History: Though his early days are a mystery to his companions, Evander begane his journey into knighthood  around twenty years old. To call him ‘eager’ was an understatement, as he worked vigorously to attain knighthood. Rarely did he take breaks, his work ethic leading him into performing tasks for others, no matter how large or small they were. Eventually his hard work allowed him to travel along with his mentor, going wherever help was needed. The Aegislash didn’t mind how intense his training and travels slowly became, even if it did gain him a few enemies along the way. All that mattered was that he would be the best knight that Xeluses would ever know, and that those in need would always have a helping hand. 

Around 30 years old is when he and his mentor separate two pursue their own goals. Evander traveled for a few years before keeping the radius of his travels mainly around Xeluses. 


Kind | Generous | Truthful | Assistive | Oblivious| Productive| Patient| Understanding| Humble| …..Secretive| Oblivious|

Evander feels a great sense of accomplishment in helping others. He doesn’t expect to be paid for it, and even when he is, he usually spends his earnings on others (outside of necessities, of course). Rarely does he gloat and show off, nor can he lie to others (it’s obvious when he is), prefering to always speak the truth. Despite his occasional moments of solidarity when there isn’t any work, Evander tries to leave himself open for any who are in need of him.



+Writing Poems

+Flying on Nephele

+Hearty meals



-Night Time (a time where evil things come out)


-Nephele getting injured

Scripts/Items Purchased: N/A

Badges: N/A

Nature: Brave: Increase Attack, Decrease Speed


    Main 4:

            Sacred Sword

            King’s Shield

            Night Slash

            Aerial Ace


            Fury Cutter, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Slash, Swords Dance, Head Smash, Metal Sound, Wide Guard,  Pursuit, Shadow Sneak, Retaliate

Job Class: Dragon Knight-- A specialized class of knight who, in the tradition of the Cydonian knights of old, ride dragons into battle. Though often fused with a dragon pokemon, other fusions and, more rarely, humans can be found among their number. They uphold the honor of the Crown by any means necessary.

Unlockable Perk: Dragon Aspect - Once a day, Dragon Knights can call upon the spirit of the dragon within them for a drastic increase in strength, speed, and defense. This super powered state lasts for one battle, or one hour out of battle, and a knight using it can be identified by the spectral form of a dragon that towers over them when the ability is called upon.


It’s rare to see him outside of his armor/his face

He writes poems. A lot. He thinks that a knight should know and appreciate forms of art

His favorite meal is stew!

Always smells of smoke and incense

Doesn’t mind be hugged

Is easily flustered

Loves...being…a role model/teacher…

His left eye is his only working eye! His right is damaged

He as three swords: One for this form, and two from his previous form


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The fact that you mentioned Cydonia, had my heart racing :heart: revamp 
As one with a Dragon Knight in PokePalace Classic, I love him.

Great design as well! I'm mad jelly of your armor skills!!!!
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dem armor

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