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It was a great job, I had to work on it but I liked it. You can see the steps in my instagram)……
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Love this ort
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A carbon fiber arm? Pretty cool.

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"But with you guys in a minute!"

Great Work!

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"Finally. I can get 3-D porn."

Nice that we have priorities. Excellent work, friend.

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Thanks. I do not quite understand what you mean by "priorities".)

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Holy frick. The use of color, tints, shades and that soft hue of a glow absolutely caught my attention. This is a fantastic piece. The colors of the character are fine. I love the zip of bright (neon maybe, lazer lemony?) yellow to their hair along with the same/similar hue in their eyes, mechanical arm and the duller of variant in the background all adds such composure. The yellow of their hair (fur? whatever) draws the attention to the focal point (them) and then the dots draw you down to their mechanical arm. Which is essential as that is also a main focus and it's a great trick since the arm would otherwise be greatly overlooked due to it's duller, neutral hues that blend in the back.

BLeh. sorry. long comment. into the favourites.

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thank you so much, glad you appreciated😁

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Your work was featured in Recommended For Me - X

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work! :heart: :tea:

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Oh, wow, that awesome, thank you)

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I love the composition in this picture. The fusion of fantasy and sci fi is wonderful. Nice work!

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Thanks, glad you like)

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No comment. Perfect!
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Wow, this is incredible! Great coloring scheme, awesome rendering, composition, backstory, everything. Awesome job!
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Thank you, very appreciate)

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The lighting is so beautifully done and it really brings out the various textures on the character's skin and the metal of the bionic arm. I also like that splash of warmth that comes from the hair colour and find it so curious that it's similar to the colours on the can :D

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Thank you, glad you rated it)

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It's beyond amazing! The attention to detail is just great!

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