The Cake Is A Lie!!

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I See You!

A co-worker recently talked  :iconblndhrse: blndhrse  into buying the Orange Box so that he could play Team Fortress 2 online. The box, for those that don't know, is a combo pack of games.  Besides TF2, it also contains a few installments of Half-Life and a little game called Portal.

For my part, I've never been a big fan of shooter games, especially those that elicit sentences like, "Lookout for the brain suckers!" or "Oh, that's MY blood on the wall."  Nice.  

But that other little game on there, Portal, OMG that was fun.  Figuring out the puzzles was interesting, but the real genius is the computer personalities and the dark/sarcastic humor throughout.  The folks at Valve really had a good time making this one, and they passed that on.  What's even better is that they are currently working on Portal 2.  But I really don't recommend you play this game, so just forget I said anything. Really, it's not worth your time. Do you think I'm trying to trick you with reverse psychology? Seriously now...

So, anyway, here is a Portal feature for your viewing entertainment. Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the feature. Thank you for helping us help you help us all.


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From the game...

:thumb70837379: :thumb71835781: Portal Egg by Capttylor34
Portal by McGibs Portal Trouble by catluvr2 portal tard by djSeragaki
:thumb81587151: How to play Portal by jollyjack :thumb75601863:  

Other Portals...

:thumb89175077: :thumb98049474: Keep Your Mind Wide Open by andressanchezart
Summoner by hangingghost :thumb104165677: :thumb22914845:
:thumb93243048: :thumb18021413: The Portal. by Uribaani
The Portal by kharax Portal by arsenixc Portal by JackAngel
Portal to Paradise by molli01 Portal by below-average Portal by sandara

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cake? a LIE cake?! thats COMMUNISM.

Hey, I've been on the dark side for about 13 years now. The cookies aren't as great as everybody says, I know from experiance.


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Maybe they are matrix cookies. They don't really taste like cookies but what the matrix THINKS cookies would taste like. :confused:
WHOAA thats like a brilliant idea.... i never thought of it like that.

the matrix is madd cool.

HEY ive decided that george bush is from the matrix.... did you see how he dodged that shoe? totally agent smith style.
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Thanks for the link!
condemnTOdeath's avatar
thank you for featuring me :hug:
EvilCheese2's avatar
You tease me with you Orange box!! :shakefist:
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Lawl, Portal. XD I'd had friends talking about it, played it myself, and keel over laughing with a mix of humor and creeped-outness with "The Cake Is A Lie" on the wall. XD
andressanchezart's avatar
thank you so much for featured me!!
squanpie's avatar
What? NO CAKE! :noes:
SalsolaStock's avatar
No. :no: ...but I hear the dark side has cookies! :D
squanpie's avatar
pah, cookies are nothing, I have pie! :pie: although somebody always seems to take that one slice before I get to it :paranoid:
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