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The way we see it, we are selling crayons. Whatever you make with that crayon belongs to you. But the price of the crayon is that you let us see what you drew. Within the DeviantART community we also ask you to tell other deviants about the crayon stash by linking to it. Do not take a crayon you don't intend to pay for and don't claim our crayon as your own, even if you mess a bit with the wrapper. 

If you have questions or need clarification about any term below don't hesitate to ask.



1. CREATE = This stock was posted for the use of artists.  You don't have to ask before using it for your photo-manipulations, drawings, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, textiles, etc.  

2. LINK = If posted on DeviantART put a credit link in your deviation's description.  You can link to the image or to our front page. Do this even if there are text credits on the image. You do not have to credit us on other sites but we appreciate it when practical.

FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

3. SHOW US!! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TO US. SHOWING US YOUR ART IS HOW YOU PAY FOR OUR STOCK.  You can do so by comment, note or email (weelittlegallery@yahoo.com) that includes a link for us to view your work. If your art is uploaded to multiple sites, you need only send us a link to one of them (DeviantART having priority so we can fave it). If you don't intend to upload the image anywhere, please email us a photo, scan or digital copy.  MENTIONS: We have mentions turned ON, therefore, on DeviantART, if you understand how to format your credit to trigger a mention, we will accept that as notification.  

After meeting above terms, artists may...

:thumbsup: Display your work on other websites.
:thumbsup: Display your work in real world shows and galleries.
:thumbsup: Sell your work.
:thumbsup: Use your work commercially.
:thumbsup: Make and sell prints of your work.
:thumbsup: License use of your work.
:thumbsup: Enter your work in contests.
:thumbsup: Use your work on roleplaying and SIM games.
:thumbsup: Use your work in tutorials.
:thumbsup: Use your work in videos or video games.

We hereby grant permission to all DeviantART-ists to use our stock in their DeviantART prints.

Personal note: The only payment we get for offering these images is to see them made into something more.  If at any time an artwork you make using our stock enjoys success such as publication, gallery display, awards or merchandising then it would be lovely to know about.  As you can see by our rules, we aren't wanting money or credit for what you've done.  But it would be fun and satisfying for us to know and possibly be able to purchase or see your artwork in person.  So let us know what happens, okay?  We wish you the best.


We will not support art that promotes hate or is sexually obscene or graphically violent. This does not mean that your art cannot be sensual or dark or portray violent events, but there must be an artistic intent behind this and not just graphic indecency meant to shock or provoke. If your image violates DeviantART policy we will report it.

DeviantART Unacceptable Content

We will not support art that infringes on the copyrights or trademarks of others.  If you use "googled" images, celebrity images or other images that you don't have proper permissions for we will not add your works to our favorites and may report your image to the copyright owners or to DeviantART staff.

FAQ #572: What does DeviantArt consider "Fan Art" to be?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?  


:thumbsdown: We do NOT allow tubes, brushes, PSDs, pre-cuts, pre-made items or pre-made backgrounds to be made from our stock. Our images, original or manipulated, may not be redistributed as new stock.

:thumbsup: You may make LINEART from our stock that you intend to allow others to color.  However, we allow this if the lineart is posted on DeviantART only and NOT distributed through other sites, forums or game servers. The colored images can be used on these if your rules allow it, but not the lineart. You must also follow the special lineart rules below.

What you must do...

1. Place a credit link to us for the reference in the deviation description of your lineart.

2. Make clear in your deviation description what the users of your lineart must do for us (see "what your users must do" below).

3. Notify us so we can see the lineart you made and add it to our favorites.

What your users must do...

1. When posting on DeviantART users of your lineart must put a credit link to both you and us in their deviation description....lineart by you, ref by us.

2. Anyone that uses your lineart must notify us at Salsolastock so we can see their artwork (DA links are preferred so we can fave it, but they may send us a link elsewhere if not posting here).  

We don't mind if you charge for use of your lineart in money, points or whatever, as long as all the above rules are being met and we are not being left out of the loop as far as getting to see the artworks made.


You may use original stock for personal, non-commercial, non-profit projects such as web pages, school assignments or blogs. We must be credited on or near the image in these cases in each place they are used. Notify us of these uses and send a link for us to view if possible. If wanting to post on Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. use provided sharing buttons so that links to us are preserved.  You may not sell our original photos.

You may not sell photos that have have not been significantly changed into a derivative work.  We do not consider adding simple text, a texture, a filter or adjusting contrast/color to be significant. You may adjust or retouch our images or use them to learn an art technique (like smudging) that does not significantly alter our photo content but the results cannot be used commercially or for profit.  If posted anywhere, credit and show us.

Do not redistribute the original stock photos by compiling on a disc or offering for download on another website. Share these photos by linking to us.

If you really, really, really still want to use something then email us to discuss a reasonable fee for doing so.

Have fun. Be kind.


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Would it be okay to make brushes from it, so long as I do not distribute them to anyone? do you only have to send a link one time or every time? I'm very happy to notify you when I do use it, if so! so long as I remember!