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Terror Pig

The terror pigs are descended from North American boars, and lives 45 million years in the future. The most important change is the snout, which can pop out to catch small animals. The "jaws" on the end of it are really made from the cartilage disc on the end of their nose and some keratin. This trunk pops out of its head surprisingly quickly, being stored in a skin flap when not extended. Because of this adaptation, however, they can not use their nose for breathing. Instead, an adaptation to the sinuses allows them to breathe through holes next to their eyes. They are usually ambush predators, covering up their scent using decomposing vegetation. They are often omnivores when they can't find much prey. They hide in bushes or thick forest where they are hard to see, making temporary hollow areas so they can fit. Some have one of their nails on each hoof curved up into a claw, giving them another way to grasp their prey. They are 0.5-1m long.
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Oh my god, such wildness