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Shrimpbats are the only flying animals in the Senlem Caves, and are actually an advanced type of anomalocarid. With 4 wings, they fly in a vertical position with their head pointing down. To land, they either hang from the cave's ceiling using pincers on the end of the tail, or they can use their legs near their head to land on the ground. Their eyes are quite advanced for a cave animal, as they must be able to see to make sure they don't bump into anything. Because luminous fungi don't provide enough light for the shrimpbat to see well, even with their sensitive eyes, these strange anomalocarids have long appendages near the tail which are used like antennae that extend just outside of the wingspan. This stops their fragile wings from touching anything. The appendages are used like a set of eyes for the top half of the shrimpbat, as the wings and egg sacs make it hard to see above itself. The shrimpbat uses its beaked mouth to feed on the liquids in fungi, using their legs to land on them. The algae in the fungi are what provides most of the food, as the fungus part is fibrous and contains little nutrition. There are about 20 species of shrimpbat, ranging from 0.5 to 10 cm long.
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