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Gryllicaris, descended from small Silurian anomalocarids, is a common Senlem predator. It uses its feeding appendages to skewer small animals, mostly land orthocones and anomalocarids. They now only have 6 legs, which have developed many joints for walking. Each of these legs have sensory bristles coming out of their joints, as their eyes are not sensitive enough to see much in the dim light of luminous fungi. All of the other legs, which disappeared as fins, form an internal skeleton which is much like a rib cage. The jaw parts are not like those of primitive anomalocarids, as they now open vertically with only 2 jaw parts.
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Ha! I'm jealous that you thought of a terrestrial anomalocarid before I did :D

Amazing work. I love that it has evolved to resemble a cricket- or maybe a spider? 
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Thank you so much!:D (Big Grin) 
Gryllicaris means "cricket shrimp".
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Beauty :) legs descend from the lobules to swim?
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Walking anomalocarids? Well now I've seen everything.
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That leg-rib thing is really unique!
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Truly an amazing piece.

That new method you have for outlining/coloring pictures is amazing, by the way.
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Thank you very much!:D (Big Grin) 
I have decided to use only this technique now, so you'll be seeing lots! :) (Smile) 
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Cool! Looking forward to it!
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probably the first terrestrial anomalocarid I've seen :)
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