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85 MYH - Fogfish



Descended from sea slugs, the fogfish lives 85 million years in the future. They are named for their method of hunting, which involves taking the nematocysts from their anemone prey and spitting them at other species that it eats, which looks like it is breathing fog. They also coat their bodies with nematocysts, and warn other animals of this with bright colors. The rhinophores are sensitive not only to smell, but also to the electricity that is produced by all animals. The mouth is on the bottom side of the fogfish, and has a beak to break open the shells of crustaceans. The slit on top of the fogfish is not a mouth, but a hole that contains tentacles to grab its food and gills, which are no longer exposed on its back. It also contains the nematocysts that it spits at animals, both as a defense and to paralyze its food.
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