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2 species of siphonopods



Looking like something from the Cambrian explosion, the siphonopods are the most advanced pisciformes on Tregama. They fill the niche of fish in all water bodies except for in the Eastern Lakes. They are the least fishlike pisciformes, though. They swim using 15 siphons, are a lot like the water jets on cephalopods. They all have 4 clawlike jaws and 2 tongue-tentacles with a sucker at the tip to catch prey, as all siphonopods are carnivorous. The tongue tentacles are similar to an echinoderm's tube feet, and are very strong for their size. Large species are stronger than anything living on Earth. Small species are about as strong as a sea urchin.
Left one: common gatuak
A large, primitive, sharklike species with very good eyesight. They hunt in packs of about 6-10 gatuaks, attacking large papillopods and other siphonopods. Unlike all other siphonopods, the gatuaks still have large antennae.
Right one: kaga
A small sardine-size animal that feeds on soft bodied animals living in holes. It uses its tongue-tentacles to reach into small spaces, grabbing anything that they can find. It creates long strings of eggs that it attaches to floating pieces of seaweed. They live in the Kraken Sea and the Scylla Sea. The scan did not turn out well.
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I really love that concept and design!