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Slender Man
Run. He's behind you; You know he is. The tree you just passed is now his. You can't stop running. You're stamina is running out and your pace slows. The camera is starting to malfunction. The screen is becoming white and fuzzy. He is too close to be comfortable. You can practically hear his footsteps; If there were any. You see a root coming out of the ground. Mabye you can attempt to trip him. As soon as you leap over the root the screen becomes white. You're setting yourself up to die and you know it. "Call me Slendy" You freeze. As pearls of sweat roll down your face you start to freak out. How can he talk when he has no face? How did he catch up to you? What is he going to do with you? You start to hold in your breath. Mabye if you don't breathe he won't get you. How does that work? It doesn't matter. You will do anything to get out of this. You see a building in the distance. You start to run again. The only thing keeping you going is your fear of dying. Everyone around you died.
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charles richert
Favourite genre of music: punk
Dr. Evangiline: i wish the world would come to shit one day o.o i would like to kill someone....
Dr. Cthulhu5167: yeah
Dr. Cthulhu5167 rips out your organs and devours them slowly
Dr. Evangiline: especially eian >:l since he lives across the street he will be the first i kill o.e and wtf!? lmao
Dr. Cthulhu5167: yus
Dr. Evangiline: then the next will be caitlyn reice for being an ass to me in elementary then! i will kill all emo haters >:L yes yes i shall do it in that exact order
Dr. Cthulhu5167: Then I will blow your head off with a shot gun
Dr. Evangiline: >:O!
Dr. Evangiline: then my ghost will haunt your house with japanese rock music HA!
Dr. Cthulhu5167: That sounds nice
Dr. Evangiline: :P yea bitch lol
Dr. Cthulhu5167: And then I will call ghost busters and then they will capture you and take you away
Dr. Evangiline: nothing can contain meh ghost o.o i shall kill all the ghost busters
Dr. Cthulhu5167: Have you ever seen ghost busters?
Dr. Evangiline: WILL MAKE THERE EARS BLEED FROM MUSIC AND THEN RIP THERE EYES OUT o.o yes ive seen the movie thats it
Dr. Cthulhu5167: well, I will then suck you up into a vacuum then scrap the vacuum and then you will be gone
Dr. Evangiline: >.>
Dr. Cthulhu5167: in case you have not noticed i always win
Dr. Evangiline: never....
Dr. Cthulhu5167: and then I will cast a spell and send your soul back to Hell
Dr. Evangiline: good i would like hell >:)
Dr. Cthulhu5167: but it still means I will win seeing as how I am free of you and your rain of terror has ended
Dr. Evangiline: how do you know i wont send demons to kill you? -evil smile-
Dr. Cthulhu5167: Because I will have charms to keep away demons and whatever demon you send I will befriend and use them as my own personal assistants
Dr. Evangiline: the n i will send more to ocupy the shell of a mortal to become your friend and then kill you in yoursleep one night
Dr. Cthulhu5167: I will have no friends. I will never leave my house
Dr. Evangiline: then they will be waiting..... you will run out of food somepoint and you will die of natural causes or by my demons O.O
Dr. Cthulhu5167: i said i shall befriend any demon so then they will bring me food
Dr. Evangiline: then i will send a better demon to kill the first one!
Dr. Cthulhu5167: i will persuade that demon not to kill the fist one and have him work for me
Dr. Evangiline: jesus christ i will send a hole army to kill you even satan himself who will become my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would love to be the bride of satan i wonder what it would be like o.o
Dr. Cthulhu5167: I will bargain with Satan and tell him to leave me be
Dr. Evangiline: so you would sell your soul o.o thats not a good idea
Dr. Cthulhu5167: The thing is... I have no soul. And I said bargain not sell my soul
Dr. Evangiline: then what would you bargain with the akuma O.o there is nothing to bargain if you dont have a soul?
Dr. Cthulhu5167: Every saturday and tuesday he will come over and pllay video games with me and I shall pre-order him the next Half-Life BITCH
Dr. Evangiline: akuma is to busy for half life!
Dr. Evangiline: no there not!
Dr. Cthulhu5167: YES THEY ARE! He would be like "aw hey man that's pretty cool, I'm gonna re-scedual my work days so I can play Half-Life"
Dr. Evangiline: o.e never! i will not let that happen
Dr. Cthulhu5167: But it will cuz he'll be like "step off bitch"
Dr. Evangiline: oh and just decided i would have another daughter named azrael and idc akuma will go to your house and play half life and i will be with him i never leave his side O.O
Dr. Cthulhu5167: Ok, you ma play Half-Life with us. But you must agree to a truce
Dr. Cthulhu5167: may*
Dr. Evangiline: fine........
Dr. Evangiline: its a deal
Dr. Cthulhu5167: it has been settled
Dr. Cthulhu5167: see you saturday and tuesday in a couple years!
Dr. Evangiline: ok :)
Dr. Evangiline: lmao
Dr. Cthulhu5167: Oh and btw my house will be located on the back of the Great Cthulhu

Best conversation EVER


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