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Windows Sky Wallpapers

Simple wallpaper with a beautiful blue sky and a small Windows logo in the center.

Available sizes:
* 16:10 wide
* 16:9 wide
* 4:3 standard
* 1280x1024 5:4
* Dual-screen (1024x768x2)

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Special thanks to ~nestrstock for the sky image.

You are NOT allowed to modify, use, upload or recreate this image in any way possible.

Salman Arif,
Ideas Unlimited...
© 2009 - 2021 salmanarif
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Added to Faves!
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great wallpaper gj
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macintosh ftw...
but still darn cul lol
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yay! nice background but i dont like drop shadows of win logo =)
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Looked very cool until I had it on my desktop...let down by the fuzziness (lack of clarity especially on the logo).
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Use Firefox to set it as the desktop background. The fuzziness you are talking about is caused by the poor resampling techniques Windows uses to apply images as wallpapers. If that doesn't work, you'll have to use [link]

Usually this change in quality isn't noticed because the resampling doesn't affect landscapes as much as it affects solid colors and basic shapes.

Good luck!
mega cool one ! awesome work thx 10x
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