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Weathered Windows Wallpaper

Update: Weathered the logo, fixed the colors, added all resolutions to the download pack.

:pointr: Available Resolutions:

• 1920x1200
• 1920x1080
• 1680x1050
• 1600x1200
• 1440x900
• 1366x768
• 1280x1024
• 1280x960
• 1280x800
• 1280x720
• 1152x864
• 1024x768


Was thinking of a different look for my desktop, and decided to make a wooden, scratched vista logo over wet leather.

Inspired by a similar Apple wallpaper... :)
Stock used for leather image: [link]

Salman Arif
Ideas Unlimited....
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The windows 7 logo?

This wallpaper reminds me of 2011, when Windows 7 is still new and coveted, i travel around with Windows XP equipped Aspire 4315, and i have to travel here and there for wi-fi and now it's 2019, when it's mere months before i have to wipe out Windows 7 and then put in Windows 10.
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Beautiful. Ideal Lubuntu desktop... for me, at least. Huge "thank you..."
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nice one thanks !
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very nice work ,thanks :D
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Think you could do something similar with the updated Windows logo?
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This is some nice work. Looks great.
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thx for wallpaper
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wow amazing!!! looks great im using it right now! ;D
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very awesome, thankyou :)
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Hi , I love this wall, simply amazing , is there a way that u can release the windows icon ??

PS: I'm doing an update and thought about using your windows icon style !!

Thanks in advance !!
I use your wallpaper since 5, 6, or seven months already...
I really like it.
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Awesome wall, thanks! :D
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Great work. Got it.

I'm just wondering, if you could do a Linux ( simply with the tux) variant of this, and an Ubuntu version. It'll be stunning and I'd be grateful, if I could get them.

Thank you. :+fav:
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I was planning on making a Ubuntu version (I recently discovered the power of its awesomeness), but I'm not so sure that the Linux tux one would look good... :)
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Win and Mac looks great. Why wouldn't be also stunning the tux Linux one? Just do it please... I'm sure that it would be great. Waitin'... :D and thanks.
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Alright... I'll start work on it first thing tomorrow afternoon... =]
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Great. I can't waiting for it. I'm pretty sure, that it'll look wonderful. Thanks, Salman.
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Really great, i love it
Good Job dude
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i LoVE iT ^^
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