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Vista Wood Logo Wallpaper

Print now available here: [link]

A simple wallpaper with a wooden Windows Vista logo on an old, wood background...

The download contains the following resoultions:

:pointr: 16:10 Widescreen

- 1920x1200
- 1680x1050
- 1440x900
- 1280x800

:pointr: 16:9 HDTV

- 1920x1080
- 1600x900
- 1366x768
- 1280x720

:pointr: 4:3 Standard

- 1600x1200
- 1280x960
- 1152x864
- 1024x768
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DiagonalShadow's avatar
Awesome, Looks really good on my Xbox 360 dashboard.
9Skulls's avatar
Cool wall, but I'd like to see one without the logo aswell :P
qvibez's avatar
i love this wallpaper o.O
can you pls send me the wood texture without the logo =D
did u take photos of this texture ? its awesome !
i wish i can build this texture with my homepage :(
peaCe =)
sharkurban's avatar
So cool walls dude, great
Cypher100's avatar
Can you please send me the background without the logo, other then that it looks very nice :D
NielsHakMusic's avatar
hmmmm... nice work :)

Do you have a version wthout the windows logo?
salmanarif's avatar
Not really but I could email you one for the specific screen size you would like!
raduluchian's avatar
Hy, I would like one without the logo as well if you would be so kind as to email me one at 1440x900. That wood is awesome and the way the logo is worn out gives it a very vintage effect. Props!
salmanarif's avatar
Will do... Note me your email...
chuv1's avatar
Hey, is there a version without windows logo? Just wooden bg?
salmanarif's avatar
Nope, sorry... : (
CyberChristFF's avatar
Very, very nice. Love the earthy approach used here. The lighting is perfect and so are the colours! Definately faved.
salmanarif's avatar
Thank you very very much for the kind comment, the fave and most importantly the watch! :glomp:
leavetheviolinalone's avatar
It's a great job! I like the contrast between the shiny Windows logo and the rough wooden background. Also I like how the logo is a little transparent to show the background so they fit in really well. Also, as other people have mentioned, the lighting is lovely. :heart: It gives a feel of an old photo. Well done!
salmanarif's avatar
:aww: Thanks for all the support and the fave! You can also check out the rest of my gallery if you want... ; )
leavetheviolinalone's avatar
EternalFreedom's avatar
i really like this.
the texture on the wood is pretty great and i love how the windows logo is a bit transparent.
great job :aww:
XxspeemotheemoxX's avatar
This piece is quite interesting!

The lighting, the texture...

It all pulls together so well, combined with the contrast it's a lovely piece to look at! :)
umar123's avatar
yaar, ye wood stock kon sa use kiya hai???
Brandlos's avatar
Thank you.
In lieu of a more eloquent way to describe it, I'll just say this.

There are far too many Apple logo wallpapers on deviantART. It's a refreshing change to see a Windows-centric alternative.
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