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Save the Earth. SAVE YOURSELF.



EDIT: OMG!!!!! I can't believe I got 3rd place! :dead: :eager: Thank you everyone who voted for me and supported me! :)

One planet, One life, One place to celebrate.
Submission for Celebrate The EARTH DAY contest by =Psy-XX


My first typography ever! Decided to participate in the contest just for the fun of it and to remind people of the importance of what we do towards the future of the Earth.

It really came to me that this is no laughing matter when I read this joke in a Reader's Digest issue:
At the checkout till, the salesman asked the customer:
"Kill a tree, or choke a horse?"

Are you laughing??? For a while I didn't respond to what I had just read, but then I thought: This IS our situation. This IS how we must think of the little things in life that count towards a greater purpose. After all, tiny drops of water make up the vast oceans.

I hope I don't sound wierd to you, because I am just trying my best to express how I feel regarding this issue...


PS: You can use this as a widescreen wallpaper as well :)

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what about animal agriculture? Pollutes the world more than any other.