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Sudden Sunshine

Apo/Photoshop. I had to try this SJ flower tutorial by fractist. Can't believe i missed it :D Also made it 3d as i could
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This is absolutely beautiful. Amazing. w00t! 
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your art is amazing!
Quite a lovely creation!
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Amazing. Great work
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Absolutely stunning!
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Wow! how beautiful can a flower get, so vibrant and glitters with amazing colors
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simply stunning!
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Oh hell yeah,  Good job.
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Wow, the layers, the specks of light, the character, the serenity, the dark & lights. They all lie together so perfectly! My friend, this photo is mesmerizing, and super satisfying. I really don't want to stop looking at it.
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Wow!...Beautifully Beautiful! :)
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This was actually so beautiful that it made my day better. You have a gift.
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It's truly amazing, you made something really wonderful, and I love it!! Favorites Icon 3D Favorites Icon 3D Favorites Icon 3D 
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It's 3-d enough. I almost mistook it for a photograph.
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Wow! This is gorgeous!
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Just.. wow. That is insanely beautiful!
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