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Huey ,Dewey and Louie by SallyPrime16 Huey ,Dewey and Louie :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 4 0 Lena and Webby by SallyPrime16 Lena and Webby :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 4 0 Window Color Disney by SallyPrime16 Window Color Disney :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 1 0 Ninja Training by SallyPrime16 Ninja Training :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 4 16 Happy 18th Birthday DevianArt by SallyPrime16 Happy 18th Birthday DevianArt :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 2 4 Kokoro part 3 by SallyPrime16 Kokoro part 3 :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 1 0 Kokoro part 2 by SallyPrime16 Kokoro part 2 :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 2 0 More Kokoros by SallyPrime16 More Kokoros :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 4 0 Kokoro part 1 by SallyPrime16 Kokoro part 1 :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 0 0 Cure Echo 2018 by SallyPrime16 Cure Echo 2018 :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 2 0 Me as SvTfoE Character part 2 by SallyPrime16 Me as SvTfoE Character part 2 :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 1 0 Me as SvTFoE Character by SallyPrime16 Me as SvTFoE Character :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 0 0 Me as RC9GN Character in Kunoichi suit by SallyPrime16 Me as RC9GN Character in Kunoichi suit :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 2 0 Me as RC9GN Character by SallyPrime16 Me as RC9GN Character :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 2 1 Randy and First Ninja Doodle by SallyPrime16 Randy and First Ninja Doodle :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 6 9 Happy Anniversary to Me!!! by SallyPrime16 Happy Anniversary to Me!!! :iconsallyprime16:SallyPrime16 0 0
This is my Gallery!!


PCBABY: Cure Echo by SugarRoseDoll PCBABY: Cure Echo :iconsugarrosedoll:SugarRoseDoll 8 0
Rise of the wish - Chapter 6
The dinning room was just as brightly lit as the globe room, with a large oak table in the center of the room, adorned with all sorts of food.  Each of the chairs was decorated with embroidered red fabric, and on the table in front of them was a neatly arranged place setting.  The curtains are drawn back and the sun streams through, lighting the room with a golden hue.  Sandy and I take seats at the end of the table as everyone begins to eat, talking animatedly with each other.  I reach for my glass and take a sip, the thick eggnog slipping down my throat.  I nearly choke on how sweet it is.  Beside me, Sandy downs his drink in one gulp, and I giggle at him.
“I don’t see why you need to eat bloody meat…” Bunnymund argues with North, who is devouring a chicken leg.  He points the leg at Bunnymund, remarking about it making him ‘strong like bull’.  The two of them get into a heated argument about the ethics of carnivores, and Toothiana rolls her e
:icondark-strings:Dark-Strings 6 5
Rise of the wish - Chapter 5

I land on the ground sharply, and yelp, rubbing my legs as I stood up.  A tall Yeti looks down at me, and then starts grunting something to Bunnymund, who was attempting to explain the whole situation.  A group of short elves wander around, some even running into each other; all the while looking up at us with wide eyes, the bells on their hats jingling loudly.  I was going to ask about them, but Jack appears next to me, asking if I was all right.  I nod quickly, looking around the large room, for I had never been to the North Pole before, but had heard many tales of it.  The tapestry on the walls was embroidered with bright colors, and the lighting gave a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  A large globe was positioned in the middle of the room with thousands of twinkling lights dotting each continent.  I knew about this globe, for it held the lights of children who could see us.
“Dah! Jack! Bunny! Good ter see y’ made it!”
:icondark-strings:Dark-Strings 8 3
Rise of the wish - Chapter 4
It is an odd thing to have someone believe in you, as many take it for granted.  Humans take for granted that the sun rises and falls each day without taking a moment to believe in it.  True it can be seen, but spirits, such as Pitch, Sandy, and myself rely on the beliefs of children to allow us to be seen.  Our life is dependant on them, and although it can be a daunting concept, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
It has been a few centuries since my birth into this new life, and much has changed, both in the spirit realm and the human one.  Kings have risen and fell, revolutions fought between countries and provinces as the struggle for superiority controls the hearts of men.  Spirits of old have disappeared from this world, and new ones have emerged to take their place.  I sometimes wonder when the last day will come for me, when children stop wishing on stars, but I know that one day this will come to pass, and it is not something to fret abou
:icondark-strings:Dark-Strings 10 15
Rise of the wish - Chapter 3
The snow began to fall around us as Pitch and I walked down the streets, his arm linked around mine.  In the back of my mind, I could hear a voice shouting that I should run and not bother with the promise I had made, but I pushed it aside, not wanting to offend Pitch, for he was being quite polite to me.  When we made it to the edge of the city, we stopped short.
"How are we going to get back to the village?  I did ride here on one of Sandman's bird's… bu-" I began, but Pitch just looked into the night, making a shrill sound, almost like a whistle.  Out of the darkness emerged a black horse, eyes glowing golden, and mane swirling like shadows.  I stood there, mouth open as the beast walked up to Pitch, nuzzling his cheek.  Pitch let go of me, his hand stroking the horses' nose, as it whinnied softly.  The interaction between man and beast made me smile, for both seemed wrapped up in the other's presence, as if they were old friends who enj
:icondark-strings:Dark-Strings 12 11
Rise of the wish - Chapter 2
The wind blew my hair as the bird soared silently in the night, leaving a thin trail of golden sand in its wake.  It is an amazing feeling to fly through the sky.  Bravely, I lifted one arm out, then the other, pretending I was also a bird, flying through the night sky towards the unforeseen adventures of the night.  The sand bird seemed to enjoy my joyful mood, and dipped into the clouds, twirling them around us like rivers of cotton.  I laughed loudly, enjoying the journey, which was reaching its end, for on the horizon was a series of lights, but not in the sky like stars.  
The land was dotted with them, as though a painter had painted them to reflect the night sky.  The bird soared low, and I could now make out the shapes of tall structures, which jutted out from the ground like shadows.  I held on as the bird swiftly landed on the edge of the city, folding his wings and looking down at me with a silent screech.  Slipping off his back, I ran my fingers along his beak, which fe
:icondark-strings:Dark-Strings 10 17
Rise of the wish - Chapter 1
This life began with a wish.
The first breath into my lungs was like stardust, weaving its way through my lungs, and exhaling a shimmering power.  My eyes snapped open and I sat up, blue hair falling in front of my vision as I gasped, my breath ragged as I took in my first initial breaths.  After my heart as stopped pounding in my chest from the shook, I felt moonbeams hit my face and I looked up.  The moon captured my gaze, and for a moment, I was lost in its light.  It is strange thing, the moon.  Shinning so brightly in the sky, it acted as the sun in the night.  Although I could not remember the last time I had looked at the moon, I recognized it immediately.
Shooting Star...
A voice whispered a name, and I looked around, wondering if the voice was merely the wind, calling from one wisp to another.  I stood up, suddenly noticing that there was light on my hands.  Tiny stars danced across my arms and shoulders, emanating a pale glow on
:icondark-strings:Dark-Strings 27 15
Guard my .Wish. by Dark-Strings Guard my .Wish. :icondark-strings:Dark-Strings 144 100 Etoile-Keeper of the Stars by PixieParrot Etoile-Keeper of the Stars :iconpixieparrot:PixieParrot 14 6 The Coldest and the Boldest by ratopiangirl The Coldest and the Boldest :iconratopiangirl:ratopiangirl 36 5 ROTG OC Nocturna by mitsukihiroshi32 ROTG OC Nocturna :iconmitsukihiroshi32:mitsukihiroshi32 10 0 (closed) Outfit Adopt 662 by CherrysDesigns (closed) Outfit Adopt 662 :iconcherrysdesigns:CherrysDesigns 130 15 (closed) Outfit Adopt 708 by CherrysDesigns (closed) Outfit Adopt 708 :iconcherrysdesigns:CherrysDesigns 92 10 (closed) - Outfit 718 - Serket by CherrysDesigns (closed) - Outfit 718 - Serket :iconcherrysdesigns:CherrysDesigns 92 5 (closed) Outfit Adopt 714 - Nekhbet by CherrysDesigns (closed) Outfit Adopt 714 - Nekhbet :iconcherrysdesigns:CherrysDesigns 197 32 (closed) - Outfit 721 by CherrysDesigns (closed) - Outfit 721 :iconcherrysdesigns:CherrysDesigns 107 9
Welcome to my favourites!!!!!!!!!!


Your drawing style is really great. You manage to give Star the personality she has in the show as well. The proportions are correct an...



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hey my name is SallyPrime16.
My favourite hobbys are Art and my Computer,I Love Music too.
I'm BIG fan from RC9GN, Lego Ninjago, Voltron, Disney like SvTFoE, DuckTales 2017 and Music.
My birthday badge

Ich Spreche Deutsch by MyStamps

That's all about me,Thank you very much for Watching.:)

Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock and Country
Favourite photographer: my cousins
Favourite style of art: Animation,Traditional
Favourite cartoon character: Queen Elsa (Frozen), Lena(Ducktales), Takashi Shirogane (Voltron)
Personal Quote: "leave and don't think on tomorrow"


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